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I have noticed it a few times over the years, I hear about people "second hand" who used to be in the Army but were apparently "kicked out for punching an officer" (or very similar story).

First time I heard it was some bloke I'd gone to school with and he'd joined a year before me but had apparently been kicked out for doing someone in who was clearly asking for it (oh how maive I was). I later heard that he had been an admin nightmare from day 1 and eventually got SNLR'd for drugs. Then I heard similar stories again...and again...and again. Eventually it dawned on me that there was a very strange ego thing going on where people had joined up and either been booted out or decided to leave but couldn't bear to tell the truth that they had a) been rejected or b) left of their own volition - but either way they simply couldn't hack the routine and the discipline. It seemed to me that to admit such a thing was clearly such a major blow to their egos that they had to lie to every single person in their life about it.

Then, yesterday, I was driving my son and his friends out and about (they're all teenagers) and one of them said that his Dad was "ex-Army but had been kicked out for punching a General". What sort of chopper tells their family such a bunch of shiite?

Anyone else came across this phenomenon?
I punched an officer once, and he beat the living crap out of me, he had boxed for Oxford, but they didn't tell me when I got into the boxing ring
I left because somebody said, if I paid enough (cash only of course) then they would smooth things over without TOO many questions being asked.

PVR - proof that money can buy happiness.
Back in the early nineties my younger brother told me how his mate (a medic) had bayoneted and shot a considerable number of Iraqis on Op Granby and had to leave due to PTSD. Now while I could understand someone getting PTSD I couldn't believe a medic would be bayoneting and shooting Iraqis. On confrontation he admitted to being a walt and signed off merely because he'd had enough.

For all you medics out there who are already jumping on the high horse, I am in no way claiming that medics don't or can't shoot and bayonet the enemy so calm down.
I left, after 14 years, because my then CO told me that if I married my then fiancé, now my wife, my career would be over.

Edit: Didn't punch him though, but I certainly would blank him if I saw him again.
Slightly off topic but if I had earned a £1 for every time I heard the tale of how somebody had been 'offered' a commission to stay in the (Insert Service), but had decided to 'turn it down' as a matter of principle, I could have paid off my mortgage and more.
I left because my CO explained to me that I was exactly like Montgomery.....we had both reached the highest rank we could possibly achieve, now march out l/cpl...... :cry:
I knew two squaddies who battered officers - one got a medical board and a medical discharge (psychiatric), the other got a GCM and went straight to a civvy prison.

I knew a few more who battered senior NCOs - they got MCTC and soldier on in a different battalion.

People do occasionally deck officers but it usually costs them prison time, rather than a stint behind the guard room and a discharge.
I hear this all the time, I know someone who says he spent most of his 3 years in the Gaol. Someone else was kicked out for shagging a WRAC officer. At least the second is more plausible.
Both are scrotes who have done nothing with their lives since.
I met one lad who claimed he was kicked out after punching his RSM. A few calls later and I found out he was a lance jack storeman SNLR'ed at 12 years. :D
Think about it though. If you got canned for being a throbber would you admit to being canned for that or big it up. I left because i decked the CGS sounds better than ...I left because they made the decision and the gloss paint is on that aisle
Two stories;

Whilst a Sgt at Training Regiments teaching Adult Recruits I got marched into the OC who promptly told me that the Regiment had received a complaint from a guy who had PVR'd from my previous course. Being an Ex Cadet Sgt, he couldn't face going home to mummy and saying the reason he got out was he was a homesick cry baby. Instead he went home and told mummy he had to leave as the Tp Sgt was beating the sh!te out of him every night ... and mummy marched her little soldier down to the careers office to complain. Might have been taken half seriously if he had claimed it was his section commander ... to$$er did cause me some anguish about my career even though we all knew he was a lying toad.

Second story was in Brussels working and went to a bar one night. Started talking to a British guy who was telling his Belgian mates (and then me) how he had been kicked out the army. Seems he was in NI with the SAS and one of his mates got topped. So in the dead of night he went out and topped the four players responsible (in a kind of Death Wish way). Apparantly his CO siad it was best he leave the service in case there was a bit of fuss about the whole thing ... although he did leave with a Queens Bravery Medal (his title) to say thanks! I offered to buy him a pint and opening my wallet accidently dropped my REA card on the bar. Lordy me says I ... is that my REA card for life membership what I got for doing 24 years in the army I just dropped on the bar. He was out the place in an instant ... turns out he did a year or two in the TA!
Fallschirmjager said:
For all you medics out there who are already jumping on the high horse, I am in no way claiming that medics don't or can't shoot and bayonet the enemy
No offence taken, but whats this enemy business? We do it to our own, usually from behind and preferably while they are asleep! :D
On the other hand a mate of mine was in his 40s and still a Cpl when we met, he never mentioned his lack of promotion but because his unit was small I found out that many years previously he had decked his boss for shagging his then wife, instant loss of a stripe, no chance of promotion but could carry on as a Cpl. Think the boss got binned. So it does happen but isn't necessarily a complete show stopper.


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I got to hit an officer more than once Milling in P coy deep joy
i offered to kick the crup out of my platoon commander whilst serving in XMG (G40) to be honest i wished i hadnt as he had HALO wings on his smock and i thought he was a pint sized pot of piss !!

a nice operation to repair my nose followed at charing cross hospital leaving me looking like adam ant for a few weeks !! :(
Pararegtom said:
I got to hit an officer more than once Milling in P coy deep joy
Who won?
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