Walt Drills

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. What can one do 'officially' when a 'walt' is encountered and unmasked? Sensible answers only please. Ex-serviceman fraudulently claiming a gallantry medal and unconvincingly faking a London Gazette 'citation' (I have found the supplement in question and he does not feature). Think it was to impress a lady friend, which some may view as mitigating circumstances. ;-) Not someone I personally know, this is through a friend, who may now be in an awkward situation, but I'm partly responsible for laughing aloud and saying 'bullsh!t' upon hearing of the man's claim.
  2. Laugh?! I suppose making him look like a fool is beneficial, but I must add that he might still get the nod from the lady in question AFTER she know's the truth. Therefore you would have to be content with self-smugness.
  3. Unless they are doing something illegal,how about ignoring the sad *******?
  4. Squaddie....ex or not.... bigging it up to get in someones knickers,

    Whatever next....

    Let him crack on, if the lady in question is bone enough to let him talk his way into her knickers then fair play. One step further than being a dolphin trainer or working in the broken biscuit factory but who cares. Hope he fcuks her hard and dirty.
  5. Bugger!! and there was me thinking this was a thread about defective DIY equipment
  6. Had the OP started a thread titled "Dewalt Drills", that may have been mildly amusing.He didn't and therefore it isn't.
    Also he would have,I'm sure,have posted the thread in the DIY section.
    But thank you for trying,and have a nice day.
  7. One day, just one day. I will get this humour thing.
  8. I think the correct drill is to jump 200 feet into the air and spread yourself over a large area.

    wait, this isn't Blackadder Goes Forth. I'm in the wrong forum, sorry.
  9. That was Up Pompeii, if you are looking for a Forum
  10. Thanks old chap, can't deal with these threads, I'm just stringing you all along.

    My hat and coat are already in the taxi, destination comedy hell.
  11. After further revelations, it is clear that this is in fact uber-waltism, but may now be resolved.
  12. Can it be? One measly unearned gong (however prestigious) hardly brings you in to the glory of the achievements of Macilthwaite (sp), Shortt-arrse or Day. Otherwise, pretty much agree with w-b. If you care about the bird, let her know. Otherwise, crack on with life. It's too shortt.
  13. As JRIII or HFXI, or whatever he is this week would say, confront him face-to-face and humiliate him about his faked walty service and if you get the comedy timing right he'll shrink away into a future of alcohol, drug abuse and dodgy hostels. Alternatively, he could be partially legit and is just embellishing on a medicocre career (hell, I know about them! :nod:) and smashes your face all around the room for the pure fun value of making you look a weak sneaky ****.

    It might not be official but it'll end his alleged waltiness and your ability to eat crunchy food again for ever. Simples!
  14. Oh boy! Just when I thought it was all over. This guy is a Grade A walt, probably on Baron Whatevershortt's Christmas card list. Suffice to say that I've contacted the relevant service police (don't want to 'out' the service but there are three to choose from) and they are taking a preliminary interest. He's not just been faking a gallantry award, he's been faking someone else's gallantry award, copying the citation near word-for-word and sticking his own name in, sending to all and sundry, and that's perhaps just the icing on the cake. Don't want to embarrass the aggrieved party who fell foul of this or prejudice any potential investigation, but hopefully he'll be outed in due course.
  15. Are you feeling OK W-B? You normally seize on a cracking thread title like this to mention the RAF Regt. It leaves me feeling un-loved, frankly.