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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by satnav, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Is there a set definition for the term walt? Is it to be applied solely to those who misrepresent themselves or does it cover non military use of military styled equipment. For example is me wearing combats when i go beating at the w/e waltish or do i only become a walt when i say i was a para in ......? Are those that re-enact all walts or just those that wear current clothng and use modern equipment? Paintballing and airsoft are often accused of being walty pursuits, Ive been paintballing and loved it. I wouldnt go serious and wear combats etc but does the fact Ive been make me a walt?

    Take me as a case if you like. Im thick skined so insults wont hurt.

    Army brat and have always been interested in all things military. Joined the OTC at uni and am currently in the process of joining as a soldier as ive always planned. However Ive paintballed a couple of times. Ive gone to a Military Fair and thoroughly enjoyed looking at the range of equipment through the ages. I occasionally wear combats when I go shooting.

    So am I a walt? God I hope not but where does the definition lie?

    (This is supposed to be lighthearted btw)
  2. The term has been defined over and over again on ARRSE. It is actually a bit unfair on the 'Walter Mitty' after whom all walts are named. WM only ever dreamt of alternative lifestyles leaning towards action and chicks but it's too late to change the name on a point of order.

    It would also be expensive to change the 'corporate insignia' of the Waltenkommando.

  3. I always wanted to be a walt,but i failed walt course,due to the tough training it inflicts.
    Plus they found out i served in 49 Para.
    Nowadays i spend my time at the corner of the bar in a pub called The Squirrel and the Truncheon...
  4. I had read that but it doesnt really define it. It doesnt include paintballers or airsofters. As for previous definitions I havent come across any though Ive made nothing like an exhaustive search of the archives.

    As for the first post the first part of the definition is that the wearing of combats in any non military situation is walty, irrelevent of purpose?
  5. Love the way that ARRSpedia when classifying Walts also recommends you go to:

    "Pointy Heads" who collect intelligence


    "Flat Heads" who are "Them"
  6. Beating off during work-time is positively encouraged, especially with so much access to the Internet. Unless you're talking about frightening small birds from their nest for the sake of blood lust... but probably not. Well done.
  7. Phew, thanks for the advice. I can carry on beating off all over my combats without fear of persecution. I'm the guy behind and to the left of the bint reading the autocue on Sky News, btw. :D
  8. I do enjoy a good **** now and again. I work a night shift so I dont see my girlfriend a lot... As for frightening small birds from their nests I have to it takes alot of blackbirds and sparrows to make a decent roast. Ohof course normally go after larger birds that dont have nests at this tim e of year. As for the bloodlust perhaps you should try going on a shoot and seeing how much bloodlust there is before passing judgment. Oh and Thanks I do try
  9. I'm using the desertcam colour scheme for my ARRSE home page. Am I a walt?
  10. mmm that appers as a stock in trade sort of answer amongst the huntin' set a bit like "oh the foxes dont feel any pain at all its a quick kill" as they are being ripped apart by a pack of hounds...

    I think the bloodlust bit refers to the fact that you go frightening gamebirds into the air where they are gunned down, might not be bloody for you but I'll bet a fair few grouse might disagree with you there as the lead shot rips through them.

    each to their own, at least my sports dont involve pain for others, well except the sub prozzie I give a sound thrashing to every weekend!! :-D

    As for being a walt, I suppose the wearing of combat kit whilst indulging in a bit of pheasent slaughtering isnt actually waltish, but enables you to remain unseen by the offending little birdies allowing you to slaugter a damn sight more of them, what the combats were designed for really, however if you go out in full 95's webbing chest rig and a cmmed up fizog then that might be going a bit too far.

    paintballing may be fun (Fekin hurt getting shot in the ass though!!) and once again the combats will enable you to remain unseen for longer, however wearing all the latest shiny new combat kit, forming yourselves into squadrons, troops or whatever and giving yourselves rank titles is a bit uberwalt.

    re-enactors...walts or just rather sad?, well if one wishes to spend all day dressed in a short skirt with lots of shiny breastplates and leather straps and calling yourself Centurion cunnilingus maximus from the fifth Diluvian phalanx cohort is just a wee bit scary if you ask me!!
  11. [quote="geo7863]re-enactors...walts or just rather sad?, well if one wishes to spend all day dressed in a short skirt with lots of shiny breastplates and leather straps and calling yourself Centurion cunnilingus maximus from the fifth Diluvian phalanx cohort is just a wee bit scary if you ask me!![/quote]

    Scary? maybe. Sad? probably.

    Now resisting the urge to kick of the pro/anti discussion again...

    How does this sound as a draft

    Walt:- One who portrays oneself as something one is not in order to gain recognition or reward. Normally a person who pretends to be a member of the armed forces the reward being slobbering teenage girls (As in the case of Pte Golden). Also includes those who take a activities to extremes such as Airsofting and Paintballing. Where Squadrons are formed and ranks assigned. Eg RRATF.

    Also included is the non appropriate use of combat clothing and equipment. Appropriate uses being Birdwatching and Fieldsports

    To walt, walting, waltiness, Uberwalt, waltdom.

  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Absolutely nothing wrong with wearing combats for beating, although as
    Geo says, the whole rig might be a bit OTT.

    ISTR that there is a entire thread about shooting and kit, you might want to read that.
  13. Well - that's seen off half the adult males in the Greek part of Cyprus then! Used to be up in the hills in this rig every Sunday - battalions of them using cannon-sized shotguns to waste sparrows.

    Very manly.

    As to definitions how about:

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but tries to kid you it's in the
    {insert 'crack unit' of your choice}, it's a f*ckin' Walt.
  14. you forgot the huge knives and handguns! they carried as well one exercise had us patrolling in small groups trying to ambush one another and these hunting parties roaming around all in dpm as well fortunataly they can't shoot
    straight how we laughed :x