Walt CONMAN about!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stellawifebeater, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Be aware that there is a conman called David Lyons hitch hiking around the country pretending to be a Royal Marine (RM) stating he has been robbed and needs money to get back to his base (generally Faslane and or Rosyth). He has been in and out of prison several times for his crimes. He obtains money and/or bus/train tickets from people by stating he will re-imburse them. He is very plausible as he has some sort of Military ID, he quotes names, telephone and official numbers he has picked up on his travels and he often carries a bergen, a green RM lovatt uniform and bulled boots.

    He is so plausible that he has gained entry to establishments on at least 3 occasions using a false ID card. He has many aliases, Paffrey being his latest one. He is 43 years old, 5Ft 10" and lean build. Distinguishing features are discoloured and crooked teeth and a strong body odour!

    MODS move if necessary
  2. And still only a marine at 43. Not very good is he..... :wink:
  3. Distinguishing features are discoloured and crooked teeth and a strong body odour!

    Bloody hell, sounds like me. :D
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  4. Pretty dedicated to have bulled boots. I don´t bull mine and I am in :D

    Would he sell them?
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  5. We had Chris paffrey / David Lyons working at our factory recently ! Tried conning the local pub with help for heroes etc . Soon sacked him . Currently lives in pershore Worcestershire
  6. So you had a guy working with you, who used 2 names, and you thought that was normal. One born every minute and all that...
  7. He used the name david Lyons . Boss was unsure about him . Googled his name and caught him out ! Chris paffrey was one of 25 different alias names he had used . Just wanted to highlight that this scum bag is still at it to this day . Even his girlfriend who he tried to con stood by him . One born every day and all ... Google his name my friend
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  8. In 2010,I was introduced in a local pub to:WO2 Chris Paffrey of the 4th Assault Sqn who to serve in Afghanistan.He gave me dates he was going,his address there as well as his home address.Is this the same guy,he convinced me.He seemed shakey but I thought that was war damage.He stayed in my house,but his story was he was involved in a road traffic accident on the A14,which was never mentioned in the local paper & I gave him money.He said his home was in Deal in Kent & that he was in Afghanistan before when that actor from Eastenders was there doing a documentary!
  9. Is there a pic of this guy?
  10. I bet he buggered you dry , cracking username btw xx
  11. The bloke deserves a commendation for proving that some people are thicker than whale spunk.
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  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yup. He's sounding more like he's got the blagging skills of a proper Royal!
  13. I do not have one, whetherspoons in Kettering would if they keep CCTV from 2010.He may have been back since, but I am not sure.
  14. Not usually into correcting but is that what you meant love ? Spoons you say ?

    3 years ago yeah ? Is that when it happened ? Have you healed now ?