Walt claiming to be ex sas now working as a pmc

I was with a mucker a few weeks ago an started talking to some geezer who was saying he's been out to the middle east and just came back.
Well anyway he said he's done a lot of pmc work in Afghanistan is now now body guarding for some prince who personally came up to him an I said I want you to come an work for me and to gather a team etc I can't remember that much because I was rattled an he was keeping the drinks flowing ( that's why I was asking him so much coz he was buying the bloody drinks ;-). So I asked what regiment he was in in the army an he told me an my muckers 22 sas, for 7 years actually. I asked him what regiment he started off in and he told me 39 regiment RA, then he went onto 7 para then 29 commando then onto 148 batt working with the shaky boats, then onto them. Mind you he had a few scars to show which he claimed where from being shot. As usual I thought this was bollocks but he went on to produce his ID card which was all in Arabic. Why prove so much to me. He probably is working abroad but I doubt it as a pmc, but I could be wrong. I have muckers who are engineers and have worked in Iraq bringing home some tidy dollar and some good stories
about the USMC, ( probably showing off a bit but who don't). But as the beers progressed an I was thinking about making a move he couldn't help but tell me more stories, which one I thought he was taking a bit to far, I can't remember exactly but he said Somalis have taken over an oil rig and their waiting for him an his team which are on leave until the 22nd and which on the 24th he and his team have to take the oil rig back. I remember more now, he also claimed he was in Libya hiding in a block of flats with the objective to assassinate the late col g, which he said went tits up and they were stuck in there for weeks. Then more stories were he'd done maritime security. Tbh I did believe him and he could be telling the truth, he looked the part, he said he joined the army when he was 16 and is now 43, but when he told me there waiting for him and his team to take back an oil rig from the clutches of the Somalis, that's were I had my doubts, why wait for him, surely there'd be a counter terrorist team ready to go. It didn't seem he was trying to impress me, because I kept asking him all the questions and he was buying the rounds like no tomorrow. I've read hundreds of military books about pmc work the lot, if this guy is telling the truth, nobody got shit on this guy, his life is a movie, never mind the books he could write.

But like I said he could be telling the truth, his story's sounded authentic ( well most ) and he looked the part.

I apologies for my spelling I'm writing on an iPad, on a bus next to some little kid who could pass for lucifer himself who won't stop poking my iPad and her sket mother is doing fuck all about it, just sat there like some statue smelling of shit.

I thought I'd share this story.
Was his name Big Phil Campion?
I don't understand These genre of people, he showed me hid ID card so he must work abroad with a decent wage, why bloody bullshit. When he went on about his previous regiments I thought bollocks!!

He'd still have some good stories to tell, not many people do that work. I'm studying for a HNC in Engineering and learning a language to work for offshore companies. I'd be more than proud to say what I do abroad when I come back home and get the rounds in ( like it would ever effect your wallet ).

Believe it or not I've seen some numptys come to my locals carrying big sacks on their backs claiming to be some sort of SF chap in one way or another to pull a munter. I remember last new year some foreign geezer come to my local ( must have been from afghan or Iraq or somewhere pretty close ) well anyway he could hardly say a word of English and had a chip on his shoulder, I immediately felt sorry for what would be the outcome. He started being hard on one of the local girls and that was the end of him, after his savage beating you had all the little kids outside drinking their crates filling him in, nobody rang the police.


Believe it or not I've seen some numptys come to my locals carrying big sacks on their backs claiming to be some sort of SF chap

We had one just like that in our local, big fat beardy fucker in a red suit claiming he was Santa Claus. Pinged him as a walt straight away. No fucking reindeer shit on his boots.
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