Walt car?

IIRC the Beast was a mix of a mustang body with a Rolls grill. Apparently written off on a French autoroute...:(
funnily enough I first saw it on the A4 in 1973, thought it was bloody lunatic, but then I hadn't heard about 'Babs' The noise was horrendous. A few years later whilst on the way to Scotland in my first P5 I heard a very different noise, looked in the rear view and a couple of 20's Bentleys pootled past. I say pootled. I was doing 70 at the time. Told dad about it and his face lit up, he had actually driven one back in the late thirties as part of a garage team.

Morning @guzzijon,
Germany mid 80's and one of the hardest lads in the company bought a bright yellow one with sunroof IIRC, the piss-taking he received was merciless until mindless violence was threatened to the next miscreant who ribbed him.
He swore by it as being "fun to drive with bags of character and everyone waves to me". :oops:
At the time he was training to go THEM.
Penultimate time I saw him in it, he was disappearing into the sunset on the long haul back to Blighty heading for Hereford. Which he subsequently passed.
I always wondered if he got the same reaction from the hooligans at Sterling Lines when he got there. Only met up with him a handful of times since, but never had the bottle to ask incase mindless violence was incured on me by him, thinking I was taking the piss:).
Pete P&£€¥£$, if your reading this. What was the reaction?:-D:salut:
Judging by his last name, I recon that's Pete's car from the OP.

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I'm by no means an expert in these matters but I strongly suspect that anyone genuinely involved with them wouldn't advertise it in any way whatsoever let alone by badging up their number plate.

You've only got to look at how many men with strange, distorted faces are referred to in Top Gear/The Grand Tour to get the idea that there's a strong desire to eschew any sort of limelight.

Ergo: walt.
cars you could lose in Tescos car park
bland, common colours, and high production thats the preferred method
In for a penny, in for a pound.
The old shitbox collected 18k UK wide, 2026 miles in 6 days flat with 24 sponsored barrack sign-ins so my F-o- meter read zero. The car was the star, I just made sure it kept on target from Fort William to Portsmouth...and back.
It got a laugh everywhere & it was effin good fun. Always got a brew & buttie on the run...top blokes everywhere.
Needed a brake light bulb..and sponsored fuel.
I got to base myself for 3 days at Tedworth House free.
Eating with the guys and girls in recovery was, trust me, a changing Life Lesson.
My little ghey tank.....

One reason it was nut & bolt restored this year. I felt I owed it.
Left it to rot for 4 lock-up years.

Finally, a visit to them to get the all-new chassis 4 wheel Hunter laser-aligned as these Roadsters adjustable wishbones really have to be 100% bang on. Or else.....

Very brisk Dukes Pass trial shakedown. All went very well.
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aren't you thunking of the Beast which had a Merlin in it. I'd never heard of that. I believe the owner had a Rolls Grill on it which displeased that company no end. I did see the beast very briefly in 1974 whist in the Gravesend 1/0 car whilst the Met tried to pursue in a by now rather clapped jag. Us-oh we were in a 1.1 Escort estate.
At the time, it looked to me like some bits of the Reliant Scimitar had been butchered but perhaps the whole thing was scratch built.
Jay Leno's got a more believable one.


Morning All,
Looking through my photo's, I found this taken last year while in Blighty.
Genuine or not, I thought it 'unusual' and a bit of a risk to the owner.

E2a: Photo. Sporadic interweb connection, not digit fuckwittery this time.
Oh yeah! @dingerr, smotc;):)
Could be worse....

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