walt bay

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pommydigger, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. dont see the problem, its not stamped SAS/PARA/MARINE/SBS or anything is it?
  2. AAAGGGHHHH! Somebody's selling military kit on E-Bay!
    Fetch me the Walt-Finder general, light the torches, get me a pitchfork.

    Or better yet, stop worrying about it. Its just someone trying to sell something :roll:
  3. Sorry but...........perfectly legitimate !
    I remember doing trials on these in the late 60`s.
    The heavy binos were not balanced and the helmet clip was insecure, it fell off if you moved abruptly.They did not reach general issue.
    Probably quite valuable now.
  4. Never seen one like that before, **** it