Apologies if this has been posted before. The MoD now has an E-Bay style site auctioning off old kit!


I particularly like the anchor from the Sir Percival!
I've got the Keys to the QM's, shame I can't flog stuff on there :frustrated:

Anyone else think that it's a bit more expensive than you would of thought?
I'm just lookign at the IT equipment. They want £350 for a 7 year old laptop which is only worth £70 tops!!! You can get a new one with all the bells and whistles for that these days!


No wonder the MoD has problems balencing its budget if it feels it has to charge these prices second hand. I shudder to think what they paid over the odds new for it.
mmm, i was thinking of the anchor off sir percival...but sadly no price!

or a Morse unit...for £50, or £4.99 from eBay!!!
goon_bde said:
mmm, i was thinking of the anchor off sir percival...but sadly no price!
DSAbay said:
Anchor from RFA Sir Percivale
You are bidding to buy an anchor from RFA Sir Percivale. This is approx 4 tonnes. Please read the Auction and Vendors Terms and Conditions. The buyer to arrange collection from Babcock Disposal Services. You must be logged in as a registered user to buy this item.

Current Price: £ 7,000.00
Remaining Time: 5 days +

I'll have 2 please.
DSAbay said:

Congratulation! Your bid for auction 'Red Guards Tunic' was successfully placed!
You are now the leading bidder with a current bid of £ 40.00. Your maximum bid was set to £ 40.00.
The Reserve Price has not been met.
Dammit, thought that was me sorted for next years Valentines day.


War Hero
By god! Look at this!

One careful owner? 28 suicidally reckless ones?



I've created a wish list and added one rigid inflatable boat and a new ctutch. If my dodgy prostate and I make it to Christmas, you where to look for gift ideas.

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