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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by PrayingMantis, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Morning Lads,
    I'm with the ACF and at present we have what seems like a mega walt in our midst, he claims to have been posted with units and also claimes to be a mate of andy mcnab, but he likes to wear the follwing badge on his 95 shirt pocket, he wouldnt let on what it was or what he got it for but stated he is allowed to wear it as he has earned it on some course.
    There is loads more to this Walt but dont want to reveal too much as yet.

    anyone seen this badge before? google was no help

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  2. Without googling that looks like the ARRC badge, nohing special in anyway at all and only worn when part of ARRC, its not a trade course badge, just a unit ID.
  3. Ex-All-Bran package, ca. 1975.

    It means either 'Shit or Bust' or 'For all the good it did me, I might as well have stuck it up my ass'.

    Well, no, it doesn't, but worn on the shirt pocket of a member of the ACF it might as well.

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  4. It's the ARRC badge. I'm sure there's an RLC regiment that wears them on their pockets, there was a photo on here of an officer in twos (I think) wearing one.
  5. Its a "gizzit" for those attached to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. last time i was ther it was only for permanent members of the staff and then only for the time they were there. No course needed. I got one as a gizzit but didn't wear it as I was only attached for specific exercises. No bigee.
  6. Scalies as well IIRC

    Its one of those things that sounds more exciting than it actually is, if some plonker is trying to wear one at an ACF unit that is a walting fail in monumental proportions.

    If he claims its a trade badge than can be worn in prepertuity, then get him to produce his red book (or whatever it is) it will be in there if it exists at all
  7. Do they? I know 252 weren't last time I was down there and I'm sure the lads in 1 Sig Bde weren't either. It's been a while since I've been down there though so they could be by now.

    Depending when our ARRC liar left he might not have a red book. You don't get them anymore, just a 108(?) which is essentially a mix of a reference and a service record (I think, if mine ever arrives I'll know what's on it!).
  8. So does he leave his shirt lying about for you to sniff/fondle*
    Are you making this all up??

    *-I suppose it does avoid some traces on DNA on being left on some poor Cadet's bruised and violated genitals
  9. so him now being a PI in the ACF and also apparently a reservist signals instructor with a cavalry unit, he shouldnt be wearing this?
  10. What a knob. Why would he think he could wear that in an ACF unit? Tell the cunt to take it off and to stop bullshitting like a twat, then all laugh at his ridiculousness.
  11. I have one in the loft. How much on EBay for it?
  12. Add a QDJM and it could be worth thousands!