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As most of you will be aware I have had a feed into a few Walt threads and helped with the legwork on some of the larger exposes. I now need a wee bit of help myself.

Situation En Forces:

A female friend is being wrapped round the finger of someone I know is lying, I think he is doing this because he is a scummer and she has a wealthy background. I know he's lying, he knows I know he is lying but I have given him so much grief so far that I basically have one shot left to show this bloke up.

1 x Liar/Charlatan - Claims to be ex Marines but then claims to be Ex Engrs.

All his Facebook pictures show him as an Engr recruit at ATR Lichfield in approx 2004.

Claims to be about to rejoin in the Engrs but will have to do Basic trg and AAC again.

I have a name, an approx year of joining and I know he went through ATR Lichfield.

I haven't ruled out the possibility that he did a bit of Royals Reserve then joined up and couldnt hack it past Basic Training. All I am after is ground truth without the feck about of me phoning Glasgow.

Anyone in a position to help? It would be much appreciated.
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