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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Iainmc, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Attention all waltenkommando ....

    I have recently (this very afternoon in fact) received the intelligence to suggest that there is another walt on the loose:

    This person, who from here on in will be refered to as 'The walt' has been going round big timing himself up on the MARITIME CIRCUIT...

    What is fact:

    He goes by the name of 'fergie' and is EX REGULAR medical corps. Rose to the dizzy heights of LANCE JACK before leaving the regular army and joining a TA inf (I don't know which so I will not guess).

    He recently joined a Maritme security company as a medic ....

    these bits are fact.


    The walt has been claiming that he is in fact a serving member of 21 sas (why is it always the SAS???? never understood that) and he has been away on 'jobs' .... (little did he know that one of the people he was talking was was a REAL member of 21 sas).

    The walt has also been claiming that he was recently INSTRUCTING on a sas medic courses but, surprise surprise he "CAN'T REALLY TALK ABOUT IT"

    Yeah ... there is a reason that he can't talk about it ....... HE WASN'T AN INSTRUCTOR THERE!

    I was told this very afternoon by my mate who was on a boat with the walt (we both are ex RAMC, I work in a physio dept now and he WAS one of their medics) that THE WALT attended a med course (note attended .... not instructed on) and while everyone else was scoring between 93 -98% our walt did pass the course but came away with 82% ......... but this little hurdle has not stopped the charge of the walt ...

    but our walt is presently on a boat somewhere talking about "how hard the hills were for him" ........

    If any of you are working in this sector and you come across this big timing WALT ..... DO NOT BELIEVE HIM ......

    But do not just take my word, if you meet the walt, do your own research and discover the truth for yourselves.

    Mr Walt ................... CONSIDER YOURSELF OUTED!


    STOP TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT, especially when you are working around people WHO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU!!


    I said that I would post this to 'OUT' the walt.

    p.s. I really hate big timing walts ... I really do. I am glad that I have never met the walt in person.

    on a different line check out 'gareth the stab' on you tube ... it is brilliant
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  2. And place the previously prepared and chilled oranges in the rotary juice extractor and whizz furiously until all the juice begs for mercy. As with most types of carbohydrate, you can substitute sugar in the urine which is a sign of type 2 diabete and which the ants love. Unless of course you live on the tenth floor in which case sunflower seeds may be of benefit.

    A large slug of Rye whisking and there you are.
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  3. Stir with a stick of celery, or a peeled carrot?
  4. I just spent 20 minutes on my way home, watching a Heron fishing on the canal. It was quite restfull enjoying the peace.
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  5. Can you please stop shouting, my head hurts!
  6. I think I am going to have poached egg on toast for breakfast myself, I might even treat myself to a coffee and cigarette.
  7. I once met a fella who claimed to know Dixie Dean. It turned out that he'd played for Tranmere in the 1930s and did actually know Dixie Dean well as Mr Dean had lived in the area for many years while playing for Everton.
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  8. Disgusting habit that is......I prefer a mug of tea myself!
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  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I am a mate of the celebrity ex squaddie Paul Daniels and his fucking gorgeous wife Debbie.
    I am also a mate of Paul's son Martin who isn't Debbie's son but belongs to Paul from a previous gig.

    Walt or No Walt?

    Let the ARRSE jury decide.

    It's now or never.
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  10. Nature at it's best and always such a great thing to watch.
  11. So von Iainmc, how do you know your friend is not a 21 walt and this medic telling the truth huh huh? Baldrick the cocker-spaniel please!
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  12. i saw a kingfisher by the river yesterday in all it's splendor was a truly magnificent bird...anyhoo i don't get all this walt stuff, the rivers up by the way.
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  13. Good choice, I am thinking of going for a nice walk in the German countryside, maybe see a Deer or two and then I may pop into the mess for a full English and a read of the papers.
  14. you walting physio cunt.

    I SHOUT (highlighted in Bold) "WHO GIVES A FUCK"

    You must be fucking bored and far to interested in other peoples lifes. Has it affected his work as a Medic? Will he conduct any SFTC medical drills? I presume not!

    Stick to rubbing sailors legs.

    On a lighter note, i watched a AA Van getting recovered by a RAC Van earlier.
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  15. No names or details of any kind. Just hearsay. Not exactly outed him have you, you boring cunt?