Walt alert...question?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by bombdr2494, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. My sisters friend says shes seeing this guy who is based in Ipswich (woodbridge) and claims hes in the pathfinders. Now i only left last year but im sure theres no pathfinders there. He reckons he is an engineer by trade but went to the pathfinders, then back to an engineer and then to the pathfinders again. Im sure this walt is a proper jackanory, has anybody know for sure if hes talking shite?
  2. The PF are currently at Colchester
  3. I thought so, theres none at all in Ipswich then?
  4. Not unless they are on the pi55 being that it's relatively local (doubt it though)
  5. As far as I remember, and I'm quite happy to be corrected by someone from Woodbridge, the recce chaps from the HQ Sqn there may be attached at some point to PF. It happened for Kosovo and I think in Afghanistan on the last 16 Air Assault tour.
    He could just be embellishing the truth to get a shag.

    Not sure what the on-going situation is at present so quite probably I could be talking bollocks.
  6. 23 (Air Assault) Royal Engineers are in Rock Barracks just outside Woodbridge.

  7. What trades are in woodbridge?
  8. All trades including a recce troop as part of 12 Squadron (the chaps I mentioned above).
  9. easy enough post his name we can find out if hes a walt , but more than likely hes from 9 or 51 sqn