Walt Alert - John Kelly

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Foreign_Wings_Wearer, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Some guys have just returned from this years 2009 annual SAMA pilgimage to the Falkland Islands came across information on this walt.

    This walt turned up last year.

    The farm manager of goose green told the guys that his name was JOHN KELLY he was wearing a MM, SA82, Afghan, LSGC and that he said he was in C Coy 2 para.
    He didnt travel on an indulgence flight but suddenly apeared on the islands. he stayed away from the real ex soldiers (perhaps a very good idea) and kept his medals hidden from all.

    Of course no one knows him from 2 or 3 Para and he obviously didnt win a MM, his name isnt on the SAMA list. He didnt even know the name of the OC C coy on the day - hasnt done his background work!!

    Is he the most travelled walt? (with the exception of shortty of course!)

    I have a photograph of him if someone can show me how to post it??
  2. Let me be the first to say in this thread that I couldn't give a toss. Walt hunting is so 1982 dude!
  3. In fairness , that takes quite abit of balls...... I don't think I would want to be a solo walt in the falklands with a bunch of ex paras looking for me!!!
  4. There's a walt thread, so that all the tedious walt-spotting can be done without cluttering up the rest of the website.

    Welcome to ARRSE, by the way.
  5. Perhaps he was one of 'them' and would rather not make a big show of it??

    edit, for fat fingers.
  6. No 'John Kelly' on C Coys orbat for OP Corporate. Whilst some may 'not give a toss' its an insult to the guys who didn't make it home to have some inadequate trading on the battalions reputation.
    Shame the lads down there didn't ping him, and stuff him and his fcuking medals down a penguins hole.
    In the late 80's I remember visiting Arnhem with a mates dad who served there. He pointed out a couple of old guys who he said were definately not there on Market garden, but started turning up with the vets in the 1960's. They proabably had started to believe they actually were on the op. So nothings new.
  7. Suddenly appeared on the Falkland Islands on his own initiative and disappeared again without trace?
    Gotta be SBS, or maybe he was on the Argentine side and thought it best not to admit it?
  8. Regarding Arnhem, when the AVC was formed, they had to get rid of lots of Paras and Glider boys, who had been on the seaborne tail of the unit, so whilst serving and most had seen action, they werent Arnhem vets.
  9. Not since 2nd July when MDN hid it away.
  10. MDN? Who's that?
  11. He didn't say "Gracias" when you bought him a pint did he?
  12. Err can someone please tell me what a walt is
  13. A walt is a fcuking lier and teller of tall unture stories.

    It's a shortening of "Walter Mitty" from the movie. (Google it)
  14. isn't it a dance forward 2, 3 side 2. 3.
  15. Thanks gents , i get the picture now ( thick cnut that i am)