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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Smudgerinsurrey, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys. As I've probably posted elsewhere, as well as being ex (looking to rejoin) TA, I'm also a Sgt CFAV with the ATC. I have a civilian instructor on the Sqn, been there for years, who bugs me somewhat... I smell porkie-pies I think, just wanted some thoughts from more experienced guys in this really......

    Said instructor is probably at least 65, and claims to have been a WO in the RAF.... ok, feasible.... yet whenever he turns out for remembrance day, he wears one medal.... surely a ex WO especially of that age would have more??

    Also if he takes it upon himself to conduct the band (ie if I dont get there first and put him back in his box) he wears a dogeared RAF beret with WO beret badge... If however he is in his RBL guise he wears an RBL beret.....

    We're looking into not continuing this guy when his renewal comes up, as he's really no use to man nor beast anymore (let his shooting quals slide when he was told he would have to sit a WI(C) course to teach the weapon and wouldnt be allowed to RCO on what was then the L98.... he's been ousted as bandmaster by our other SNCO CFAV and I tend to teach the comms side now, as my 1st 18 months with the TA was Royal Signals.... IF I'm right and he is Walting about the whole WO thing, then obviously we could use that, as it questions his integrity....

    Any advice or thoughts would be welcomed....

  2. My advice is that you should be beaten with a faeces laden stick.
  3. Methinks that this could be fun.


    Also because my mate thinks its funny to edit my posts when I go to the loo. Twat.
  4. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    If this WO has successfully spent his entire RAF career as a groundling in Lincolnshire, how would he have gained any medals?
  5. The one medal thing could just be because he's only got an RAF LS &GC.

    Enjoy your witch hunt!
  6. Per seaweed, he might've gotten the LSGC medal (white/purple) and nothing else, especially given that with his age he's likely to have been a Cold Warrior.
  7. I am far from an uber-waltfinder but also, being 65, it is entirely possible that he avoided NI, which was probably the only op tour going when he was in. Apart from maybe op granby, which he could easily have also dodged.
  8. Not sure why you needed to spell today but the standard way is T O D A Y. :wink:
  9. Thats a fair one... pretty sure the medal ribbon isnt purple and white tho... think it MAY be red and white.

    Far from it being a witch hunt, my sensors are flashing.... also, I left the same sqn as a cadet 15 years ago, he was staff there then, and IIRC had been for 10 years... so assuming I'm right and the guy is mid/late 60's early 70's (we have no age limit for CI's as long as they're useful...) then I guess it's possible.... he just makes my belly button itch, thats all....
  10. White / red may be LSGC - my Dad's got one, he was in 22 and managed to dodge tours.

  11. My suspicions have been confirmed!
  12. He could be kosha then....... if I can get his service number out of him, is there a way of checking??
  13. Not sure but the service number would be likely in the format one letter followed by seven numbers, e.g., A1234567.
  14. You are suggesting this guy is a walt and still have yet to
    identify the medal which appears to be the king-pin
    of your doubts?

    Letting it go might be the best solution.

    By the way, and it may not apply in this instance,
    RAF LSGC= Dark Blue and Maroon with white edges
  15. The kingpin of my doubts is the ONE medal for what I would assume to be around 22 years service... as said, given his age, it does seem unlikely, but it could be kosher.... the reason I asked is because I dont want to be chucking those sorts of accusations around without some form of knowledge or proof... which is why I've kept the details to a minimum so as not to identify the guy if I AM wrong.....

    Is there a medal collectors website or similar I could try and compare the medal this gent wears to service medals, to see if I could shed some light on it....

    And yeah, letting it go BUT as far as I'm concerned (forgive me if I come across as pompous, as it isnt my intention) dealing with cadets, we need to have integrity... if he IS blagging his rank (I have no doubt whatsoever he served, apart from anything else, he would have done National Service) then that kinda calls his integrity into question, no??

    Like I've said... no witch hunt, just curious....