WALT, 74, who went to Remembrance Day parades each year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Boys, you can't be all Underwater Knife-Fighting experts, cheese cutters, or marine biologists.

    He is 74, he will probably die soon.

    He did his bit, he just wished (IMHO) that he did more.
  3. And another one bites the dust............
  4. browny - what is funny about "Just being a cook in Malaya with the SAS"?

    I'm sorry, but the high horse just knocked at my door. Were you there in Malaya with him?
  5. Truffles, he coughed, and said he lied. For some strange reason he wanted to be "Them". He was only their cook, he said.

    Only their "cook". that's all. In Malaya. With the SAS. Life was easy there wasn't it?
  6. I'm with snail on this (may I burn for eternity in hell :D )

    I'm a bit bored with all the walting stories, If you have one, out them yourselves but don't rock up on the interweb smug about "outing" some sorry fecker who has extrapolated his service career somewhat.

    There are no doubt some quality walts out there, I just can't be arrsed getting bothered by it anymore.

    I'm waiting to see the first "Some necky nig attempted to out me as a walt at my local, I knocked his teeth down his throat" thread :D
  7. To be honest, I feel a bit sorry for the old bloke.

    He has been named and shamed nationwide and he's hardly in the class of that prick chav scum who claimed to have been a para and got a letter from 'Sir Jackson'...

    Maybe that's hypocritical of me.....??

    Oh, well.
  8. Concur. He did serve in Malaya which was not a quiet day at the beach for the troops involved or for the families of the hundreds of soldiers who died.
    If he was a cook and not SAS it does not mean he had no value. As long as he did his bit by providing the best meals he could to the SAS trops he served with he contributed to the victory. At least he was in a hostile area serving the SAS (unlike a certain "Baron" we have heard about)
  9. and let's face it, as a chef, he will have been responsible for the killing of hundreds.
  10. :D :D :D

    Let's be honest here, as a cook for 'Them' if he did anyhting other than quality chow they would've slotted him and I'm sure he knew that. He was far more likely to be killed than any Malayan enemies. I think he deserves the VC. Think I'll scoot along to Ebay and get him a 'genuine copy' of one for £10.99.

  11. Snail,

    I tend to Tar and Feather all Walts (MILITARY IMPOSTORS- AUST TERM) with the same brush. At the tender age of mid 40's I am too young to have gone there , but , as a serving ADF reservist , I am sick of members who served their country well inflating their own importance, often at the expense of other serving personnel.

    To show you the Australian experience , please use this link to open the Australian/New Zealand Walts shamefile

  12. So, you're an aussie TA-equivalent whos not been on ops having a dig at a bloke who served in Malaysia, even if he told a few porkie pies?
  13. I'm afraid (and it is against my better judgement) that i have to side with the Slug. Yes the guy was a bit of a dick buying medals and basically bigging himself up because he wanted to be more than "just a chef".

    Although, i am definately too young to have served in Malaya, but if i had i might feel differently about it.
  14. As a special forces chef I heard that he was the inspiration for a film of his service career, but the Hollywood producers transferred the hero into the US military, the US Navy no less, where he thwarted the attempts of a bunch of terrorists to launch a missile strike on the continental US from a hijacked battleship.

  15. We have Reservists serving in ALL THEATRES where Aust troops serve, and I am only Reservist because I am doing a Doctorate in Nursing and my age.

    Use the LINK in my last, It includes people who served in VIETNAM and inflated their service