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Bit of a strange thread and I am sitting waiting on a torrent of abuse, but are there any buffs on RAOC history who can enlighten me as to the relevance (if any) of the Walnut Tree to the Corps.

A Walnut Tree was planted in commemoration of the Falklands War at my unit location and the question has been partially answered to the effect that walnuts were also placed on the table at reggie dinners but I can't find out why?

General Melchett

As far as I am aware walnut trees were planted in ammo/stores depots to be be harvested for gun stocks. Then became an Ordnance tradition.


As Melchers says it is to do with the manufacture of rifle stocks
Walnut in Guns

The walnuts, a handy by-product of growing the trees, were eaten in the mess and so may the tradition continue.


You may now fall-out and take an early NAAFI Break!

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