Walmartian Earth Rover Vehicle

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Spotted at my local Walmart today:

  2. Erm, it's a car ('auto' in Spamish) - something to do with the silver and blue wheels?
  3. Breaking news,blue car parks in car park.USA consider this breach of Walmart convention and declares war on all blue cars.

    Imported blue cars advised to report to their embassy.
  4. Obviously the morbidly obese dont get disable badges.
  5. And?

    It's definitely a car, what are we missing?
  6. This seems to have lost something in the translation!
  7. Ah, I get it!! Funny. I can't believe the rest of you are scratching your flaky scalps with confusion.

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  8. Erm, it's a Ford Crown Victoria with crappy rims isn't it? Do I win a prize?
  9. Its your typical pimped up ride, hispanic styleeee. Some long good, others look gash.
  10. Ancient Crown Vic on 22s that are worth more than the car. Known as a "Hooptie" if I'm not mistaken.

    UK equivalent is a "Barrymobile"

  11. That's a car in the process of being "dong-ified".
  12. You got the tenor of the OP!
  13. "dong-ified"? :? Is that even a word? :? Hey if you want to see Jap crap from back in the day (as they say) here's a 1965 Toyota Stout 2000. I'd never heard of this model so if it was imported into the U.S. it must have been imported in very small numbers. (To my shame I have sold cars in my past. I have nightmares of 1976 Mazda B1600 pick-ups. And don't even get me started on Mazda RX-3s.)

    WPC 65 Toyota 1.jpg WPC 65 Toyota 3-Tiny.jpg WPC 65 Toyota 4.jpg
  14. RX3s rot for fun. We put the engine from a tin-wormed one into a Talbot Sunbeam rallycross car. It was ineligible to compete at first as it was too loud.
  15. That almost looks like an International scout from the front.


    Sorry, should've been "donk-ified" up - even that is made up - comes from the word "Donk."

    Urban Dictionary: donk

    A typical example: