Wallsend or Bust - Cycling Lunacy for the Rainbow Trust

Ladies and Gents,

Over the past few years a group of my mates have been raising money for the Rainbow Trust. This all started when one of our mates daughters died of Leukemia aged 5. The Rainbow Trust had helped out before she died with respite care.

Over the past 3 or so years we have raised about £3000 for the Rainbow Trust with various events. This year we hope to raise double that total by cycling the length of Hadrians Wall (obviously dressed as Romans). At first this task sounded relatively straight forward, but once the alcohol had worn off and I realised that we had two days to do the 100 miles and of course the 5000m change in elevation it suddenly dawned on me that training may well be required. Its probably at this point that I should mention that most of us have not been on a bike since the halcyon days of the "Chopper" and the "Grifter".

Anyway you can find out more about the challenge on our website Wallsend or Bust! and if you are feeling generous please don't hesitate to sponsor us at our Just Giving - Wallsend or Bust website.

Thanks for looking!

There are now some photos of some of my mates modelling our uniforms on the website for those that are interested. Can't wait to try and get my sylph like figure into my centurian outfit......
Just to let you all know that I have now completed this challenge and to date we have raised just short of £2000. Thanks obviously to all those that donated and obviously an additional plug - if you would like to the just giving site remains live:


There are a load of photos and videos of us making complete arrses of ourselves as romans on bikes at:


Once more thanks for your help.

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