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Is there an Airshow this year? Or has it been quietly withdrawn due to lack of aircraft/weather/manpower etc.

Music in the Air is ok but the Association tent and after show party's at the Airshow are worth there weight in gold.

Anybody know either the Truth or the Party line?

;D :D ;D


Sadly, the 2000 show was the last one due to cost and manpower. A shame, but with only 40 odd in the mass airmiss it was a shadow of it's former self. :mad:
I heard there won't be another airshow until the 50th bash in 2007. Very sad - the AIS has always been a great place to catch up with old mates. :(


I remember the last massed suicide that I took part in and that was the first one. I think we had 90+ in that formation led by the skeeter.  I cant remember being so scared in all my life.  It only took one guy(there were no girl pilots then) to fart and there would have been a catastrophe!  I think we were about 3' apart on either side! Aparently it looked pretty damned good from the ground.  A German friend of mine took a panoramic photo of the event.......wow!!  I hope that air displays are not going to be budgeted out of the Army curriculum as they really are spectacular affairs.
Kenny you mention a german friend

Has Peabo not tried to murder him yet ;D

Would be nice to see the said photo !   I last attended the airshow in '88.  One long p*ss up from start to finish.  Can remember the heli meet before hand, and if I remember correctly, there was a map reading comp, and a civvie father and son team who were taking part arrived in their little Robinson cab for a refuel.  The hose wouldn't fit into their fuel tank, so the father came up with the idea of using a plastic coffee cup with a hole in it as an adaptor.  I probably lost a few hundred litres of fuel down the side of his cab, but it worked.

I was gonna make a pilgrimage to the airshow at some time, so it looks like 2007 will be the next time.
I hope that air displays are not going to be budgeted out of the Army curriculum as they really are spectacular affairs

Good point Kenny

If anything , we need more "At home" days or military displays, to ensure the British public, get to see how their tax squids are spent.

We had some loose chat about this in my unit, with one idea mooted, being a military display at a local football club.... ready built arena etc etc, not sure how pitches would respond to broadsiding Lannys and Warrior tracks though....

The basic idea , was to have some displays, and a battle demonstration,a planned and packaged event, that could be transported around the country. Rather like a mini Royal tournament if you will..

Bonus for recruitment, nothing like getting them to sign, with the cordite still in their nstrils, as well as showing how good we are.

Unfortunately, if the public take more interest in the Armed Forces, that will screw the Chancellors downer on us, and I'm sure the government wouldn't want that

Still, just an idea  ;D
Gunny a store near us has some lovely pictures of helicopters and aeroplanes

When you buy your tenth one you get a free yellow kagoulle and a pair of thick rimmed glasses with plasters on

I think PTP has a selection of Kagoulles but the pockets are full of Chrispy tissues from his Cab driver thread. See archives. He is an aviation enthusiast (spotter) and a persuer of Flying Grotpigs.

Gunny failing that try WWW.anoraks&frockwearers.com
MDN..G-H asked if you would be kind enough to leave him some quiche before you kneck it all. I believe the words fat, idle, quiche-eating, and tw@t were used in the same sentence. Now if you would be kind enough to keep the thread on topic or take it to the NAAFI, those of us in HQ would be obliged.

I have some pics of the fly-past at the Guidon parade which I will attempt to scan in in the coming days/weeks and post on the boards. The 1 Regt encampment wasn't best placed to see much (not that we were sober enough) as all the lefty-righty-lefty was going on half way down the airfield. I do seem to recall some pimply youth attempting to deprive me of 2 of the 4 compliamentary little blue drinks tokens we each got for a G&T, and lots of random standing up, saluting, and sitting down again for little or no reason at various points of the service, which we couldn't hear anyway. I think I nearly smacked said pimply youth on the bar when he said I would have to buy more tokens at £1.50 each if I wanted to carry on drinking. In the end Geordie W andf Taff liberated the bar for the good of morale. Happy days ;)
Woopert, I don't remember saying that.  Was I drunk, and were did we speak?  I'm definitely giving the booze up now (for at least the next month anyway).

How many cabs took part in the fly past for the Guidon?  Wasn't there Apaches taking part as well?
If we are talking about the Guidon Parade in 94 there were no Apaches on the fly past. There were 4 (I think) Guards of 72 men and each 9 man section was flown onto parade which would have meant at least 32 Lynx as well as a number of Gazelle, and the AAC Historic Flight in ther fly past. I will try and dig out the programme as I have it in a box of stuff in the attick. That should give the exact details of the fly-past. I think it totalled about 60 aircraft in all.
Woopert, my memory is clouded by my age.  Was the Guidon Parade really back in '94?  Gulp, doesn't time fly past so quick !   Anywhoo, could have sworn I saw a pic with a mass fly past with Apache (poss visiting a/c?), or was there another show at MW which had the Apache.  And any ideas in which to either a.  Slow time down, or b.  better my memory, would be appreciated.

To finish, I must admit (much to MDN's disgust) that a mass fly past is an excellent show stopper.  The one I seen in '88 was awesome.   Can't recall how many aircraft involved, but the noise and view was spectacular.  Poss one of the best recruitment adverts the AAC had !
Woopert, sorry dont understand........quiche?

Gunny, if I didn't agree with you completely I would thrash you about the NAAFI bar with willow branch for spotting. Awesome sight!

How on earth did they manage to get that many cabs serviceable at the same time
They must have borrowed the lynx from the Qatar police, and perhaps the rest weren't servicable, just fit for a quick leap across the plain and in to wallop

How many went tits on start?
MDN...quiche as in the food eaten by big girl's blouses.

G-H.. Guidon Parade was 10th May 1994. I had a dig last night for the programme and didn't find it. I did find the 1995 copy of the AAC Journal, but the parade would have been covered in the 1994 edition.

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