Walliams begins Sport Relief swim

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Little Britain star David Walliams has begun his attempt to swim the 21 miles across the English Channel to France.
    The 34-year-old comedian, who entered the water at Shakespeare Beach in Dover, Kent, at 0531 BST on Tuesday, said he was "really nervous".

    Walliams is undertaking the gruelling swim for Sport Relief and hopes to raise £500,000.

    He aims to complete the challenge, crossing some of the world's busiest shipping lanes, in under 16 hours.

    Walliams completed two miles in his first hour in the Channel as temperatures in the water dipped to 16 degrees.

    I keep on getting this vision of Andy Pipkin there with him in swimming trunks and a cap on his head!! :D


    Hope he makes it...
  2. 10:50 4 July 2006
    Almost halfway!
    The cross channel comedian is still going strong - five hours in and he is almost at the 10 mile mark.
  3. he will do anything for media attention, instead of this stunt why not give them some of the cash from his hugely inflated bank balance :x :x :x :x
  4. I believe he is donating some of his own cash. I also doubt he'd be able to afford the £500,000 he intends to raise.

    Good work fella, I wish more celebrities would put themselves out for charity (Jade, your Marathon 'attempt' doesn't count).
  5. It's very impressive. The publicity has raised my awareness of how tough it is to do - less than 10% of those who attempt it actually make it because even if you have the stamina, timing is crucial. Many get stuck a couple of miles from the end because they miss the tide. Imagine getting that far and not being able to finish.

    Sport relief is also a great charity. I ended up watching the celeb cricket tour of India on TV, even though I'm not a cricket fan, because it was so well done. The children who are sent out to work in factories or barefoot on rubbish dumps (where they get just 7p per kilo for old plastic from recycling companies) put our lives of luxury into harsh perspective. I blubbed my heart out and then sent them cash online. Anyone spending 16 hours swimming the channel to raise cash is a complete star.
  6. A years prep (allegedly) and attempting something that has had fewer sucessfull participants than have reached the summit of everest, thats rather alot of hard work for a simple publicity stunt. got to be easier ways to get yourself on telly.
  7. Matlots beware !!!! T Blair and chums are watching this carefully .... if he makes it they will take your ships away and expect you to swim at the damn frenchies with your cutless clenched between your teeth.

    Best of luck Mr williams

  8. Can't stand Little Britain, but hats off to the man-hope he makes it.
  9. He's just completed it. no mention (yet) on how much he has raised though.
  10. From his web site:

    Did he have an outboard motor strapped to his back?
  11. Well done that man. Hat goes off to you.
  12. Doubtless he could have taken a large wedge out of his pocket and stayed dry. However, the training and effort he put in have impressed me more than just a donation or a celeb pish-up like Elton Johns effort. I reckon that his work will get more dosh from me than had he taken the easy way out. Good luck to him. Well done as well.
    To sit here and criticise is easy. I'd be more convinced if I knew what the critics have ever done?
  13. Hear Hear
  14. Good for you. Personally I think LittleBritain sucks donkeys but if he's doing this then at least he's doing something good!