Wall Street protests spread to other cities: Coming to a city near you?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chuffit, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. Wall Street protests spread to other cities - Americas - Al Jazeera English

    Protests inspired by "Occupy Wall Street" movement have emerged in Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.....Many places in Europe, and have now spread into the UK in London and Manchester, with plans for many more protests.

    What many were calling a gathering of doleys and no-gooders, gangbangers and louts, is now emerging as a movement increasingly shown to be supported by all.

    Too early to compare this wirh the Arab 'Spring'?

    I think not. Rather, I believe these are merely the first signs of what's to come. Spreading peaceful protests, keeping pace with spreading crippling poverty.

    The 99% want their money back. Say 'Hello' to the revolution.

    Where will you stand?

  2. hopefully with the people taking shots at you.:thumright:
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  3. In the pub not giving a f*ck.

    The protest will last for a weekend before the protestors scuttle back home to their jobs/dole office/parents they sponge off *delete as applicable.
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  4. The Occupy D.C. protest didnt even have 100 participants

    Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC - YouTube

    WOW! Stunning how its a avalanche of revolution

    I also like their plan to shut donw the financial center of Indianapolis Indiana on a Saturday when its closed anyway.

    Brills that is.

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  5. No mention of Europe or the UK in that article, nor anywhere else on UK news that I have seen.

    Fucking load of greedy uncaring arseholes.
  6. Then your computer is lying to you. . Or you are lying to us.
    Fucking lazy uncaring post-count asshole.
  7. The Wall St protests have lasted into their third week so far, and shows no sign of fading away.
    These protests are spreading, not shrinking.
  8. Good! I'm Welsh!
  9. i've got something a bit like that, they just give you some anti-biotics and a cream

  10. Monty mate not sure if anyone has pointed out to you but the longer you sit on the fence them there splinters get bigger :biggrin:

    Kind regards,

    R M

    ps hope all is well mate......
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  11. Wait till its gets cold, the first frost will kill the revolutionary fervor of 2/3's of them. They should have waited till spring like the arabs....
  12. It's called Peaceful Protest, you dink.
  13. It's called 12 college kids without X Box sheep shagger...
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  14. Sir, I take my hat off to you for admitting that. Are you also a Gingger? If so, please stand still and give me a clear shot.
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