Wall of Boobs a Big Bust...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. They should have seen that this wouldn't work..

    seems a designer in Holland created a wall of fake breasts of various sizes and shapes to help male shoppers buy bras for their wives and sweethearts. " Men never seem to know their wife's bra size..." The wall consisted of rows of silicone breasts in all sizes so that the male shoppers could work out the right size by " look and touch "...

    Well.. sounded great in theory but in practice it was a bit of a bust.. Seems the guys would all overestimate their wife/girl's cup size by at least 1 -2 and many men felt " uincomfortable " in fondling rubber titties in front of other shoppers to get a " feel " for the right dimensions.

    Others complained that the wall was too " perky " and that there were no samples of " pendulous ", " petite " or " gravity-challenged " types..

    Oner customer had to be banned from the shop as he visited the establishment every day to ' try out the wall '.. claimed he had no female companion and he was doing a market survey of what type appealed to him so that he could seek out a women of similar attributes [ MDN??]

    I don't know about you guys but standing in a amll shop squeezing rubber boobies would not be my way of picking up a few items of ' intimate apparel ' for the missus.. In fact.. I can't remeber ever buying her any undergarments nor would I want to... takes a strucural engineer to see that they get proper/comfort fit with those things..[ except this one set of bright red licorice edible ...erm.. um.. as a gag gift / joke.. of course... ahem ... ]
  2. Pendulous? What is she, a clock?
  3. Presumably there were no 'spaniel's ears' which the older married man may consider an accurate replica ?

    Also, does this mean there is an equivalent wall to enable women to purchase boxers or pants for their fella ? Obviously, Mrs Barclays would be looking for something akin to an elephant trunk holding a melon.
  4. fcuking outstanding. it's amazing, in theory it's the perfect idea..... how does it go so wrong in practice?

    and a, erm, 'friend' asked me to ask if anyone has an address for said shops' Research and Development Department to which he cn forward aa copy of his CV and his idea for a series of lifesize latex models to help men choose 'other' gifts (undies, B.O.B.'s, etc.) for wives/girlfriends/mistresses.

  5. that poor woman. are you so inadequate that she has to go to the zoo to get her thrills? that being said, the fruit aspect is just kinky.
  6. This has gorra be a wind-up! Have we got any links for this?