wall mounting a plasma tv

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by winny, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Help! Does anyone know how to mount a flatscreen tv on the wall without having to hack chunks out of the wall to hide the wires (Don't think DHE would be too impressed if I did that) or have the wires trailing up the wall? :?
  2. Use ducting painted the same colour as the wall.
  3. Easy - but not as flash as i was hoping for. I'm a gadget nut and was hoping to find out if anyone knew of any wireless gadgets that can do the job
  4. For true wireless, you would need some sort of wireless power supply. If you find one, let me know!
  5. A mate of mine made two holes and threaded the wires through the wall cavity. It looks ok, but in a MQ I would go for the ducting unless you are an accomplished plasterer and decorator.
  6. When you find a wireless power supply, can you also see if they do wireless fluke (multimeter) leads?

    the amount of times I have booted my fluke across a room after I got the leads tangled up with my feet must be at least 7 or 8.
  7. What???!?!?
  8. Wireless power supply?

    Ever heard of Batteries?
  9. For a plasma TV???

    Im guessing he's on about a large flat screen so an unsightly 12V car battery might look a little untidy hanging off the wall.
  10. I'd go for feeding the wiring through the cavity. If you keep the hole as small as possible, it wont be anymore difficult to fill and repair before you march out than the holes you make for the mounting brackets.
  11. True. I suppose it'll give my father in law something to do.
  12. What is on the other side of the wall, if it is something that can be hidden then simply drill the hole right the way though the wall and run the leads up the other face of the wall hopefully out of sight.
  13. Not a very good one then are you?

    Seriously though, for space saving you can get a Wireless Scart AV Sender from Maplins that will transmit TV, VCR, DVD, anything with a scart out socket, to your plasma screen. This takes up the least space of any wireless sender/receiver on the market, and even operates the remote facilities on Sky+ etc if the box is in a different room. (I have one upstairs on the back of a wall mounted 15''LCD, plastic trunking, perfick)

    Even this needs power though, so IMHO, the only way to set this up without having to "hack chunks out of the wall to hide the wires", is perhaps to get a big wall unit and fit it into that!


    Not only will you have power cables, but what about the speaker cables etc!!


    Have you considered asking the DHE for a false ceiling through their contractors at a good price?


    At the very worse, all you'll need to do on handover is take it down, fill in the holes and get the FiL to repaint the room!

    Good Luck!
  14. funny you should say that.

    It isn't too far away 8O

    scary I know (being a sparky myself)


    they are developing said device for Larger appliences too.

    edited for typo
  15. Having had a SplashModule toothbrush, again the downside is that the recharging pad needs to be plugged into the mains.
    All well and good if you are using this technology for a car were there is space to hold the large batteries required, or for a toothbrush/iron where the short times between placing them back on charge are acceptable, but as TLF said earlier,

    " For a plasma TV???
    Im guessing he's on about a large flat screen so an unsightly 12V car battery might look a little untidy hanging off the wall."

    Back to square 1, unless you have a large flat battery pack on the back of the TV, (more weight = more boltage required for TV shelf = more wall hacking!) but still no good for winny and his recent purchase.

    Just hope World cup matches don't run into extra time in the future or you'll have to run the power lead to the TV anyway!!!!!