Walks in the Black Mountain area

Does anyone know any interesting walks in the Black Mountains/Brecon Beacons areas?

I know we can all go on about the Fan Dance etc., but this isn't for Selection, it's about 4 blokes wanting to climb a few hills, see a few views then sink a few pints.

I've got a few books and websites, but wanted the experience of the ARRSE readership before I set off! :D

Edited to correct geographical incompetence.
The Black Mountains or THe Black Mountain there's two at eather end of the Beacons
As T66 said, do you mean the black mountains top end of Cwmllynfell or the SENTA area black mountains? If the first there's plenty of places to park at the side of the A4069 (one of the finest stretches of tarmac the world has seen - but keep it to yourself there's a good chap), nice views and plenty of area for a bimble.

The odd ice cream van makes an appearance for your "reward" post-bimble too.
I took the left turn at SN 725197 driving a 20ft long Fiat Ducato camper, I won't do that again holy shite that is the second worse road in Wales but as luck would have it I made it only seeing a few cars that had gone over the edge

Phone numbers

Brecon tourist 01874622485
Beacons mountain centre 08174623366
both only to pleased to send you info. There is a great pub walks guide book for the National Park with walks from Llanthony all the way down Carrig Cennon and all ending in a walker friendly pub
tropper66 said:
The Black Mountains or THe Black Mountain there's two at eather end of the Beacons
What, you really expect me to know where I'm going? I was an officer, FFS!

From the map, I saw an interesting walk on the Black Mountain singular, along the ridge from Llyn y fan fach East, then SSE.

The area around the A4069 looks less dramatic, but it could be interesting for the foreigners among my party (Aussie, Irish and US).

Thanks for your ideas.
Good choice very beutifull along the top of the escarpment, if you go a little further south to the Carrag Goch Sn 8116 you can find alsorts of scrap lying around from the aircraft that flew into the hill, one was a US Navy B24 Liberator Taf

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