walking with weight

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by indifferent, May 5, 2007.

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  1. I have just arived home from the usual weekend B&Q trip to find a set of webbing and a 'rucksack other arms' in a bag with an anonamous note saying 'weight on the back helps fight off the fat' !! It must be from one of my mates!!

    now should i put some weight in it and head of for the hills or just stick to normal fitness stuff???
  2. If your in the forces you'd know that you do build up training first
    ie get used to running/tabbing in boots then increase weight and distance as you go.
    Then increase terrain/hills

    Dont do like potential recruits who came into see me who try and put 55lbs in a bergan and tab then injure themselves.
  3. 55lb no way mate!!

    seriously though im trying to improve my fitness for the TA.
  4. I'm getting as fit as I can for RMAS, and I've been told in no unclear terms to stay away from running with weight until they train me up to it.
  5. Sensible advise.
  6. Agree with The_Iron, don't run with weight if you have the option. Walking with weight is a good idea though. It bulds up muscle strength and gets the body used to carrying a bergen. And you can practice your nav. at the same time. :D

    Suggest that you get yourself a civi rucksack that (a) fits your back, and (b) has a proper back system rather than use military kit.

    Hit the hills. Start-off with little weight, maybe 35 lbs and stay out for at least a couple of hours. When you are comfortable at theis level, you can build up both time/distance and weight.

  7. hopefully on the same topic slightly, can anyone recommend a good solid non-dpm no frills bergen for yomping around in to get fit/strong.
  8. Not a simple question Hussar, it depends on what you are going to use it for, where you are, how long you are staying out, etc, etc.

    Field and Trek do a good technical page here.

    To this I would add, that you should go to a shop and try a few on, and see which you are most comfortable in. Make sure that when you try it on, the rucksack has some weight in it so that it sits properly.

    For what it's worth, I have a 65 litre POD, a 50 litre Mac-Pac a 35 litre Berghaus, and also a Berghaus running sack. Depending on what I'm doing I use the appropriate sack.

    Hope that this helps,

  9. ** Top Tip** STOP GOING TO B&Q at the weekends and get some "Fizz" done!

    **Another Top Tip** STOP opening strange bags that are left at your abode with anonamous notes on them!

  10. Thanks or the advice marky!!
  11. You are very welcome.... :p

    On a serious note, if your are contemplating training with weight it needs to be a gradual thing, very gradual.

    However, you do not need to carry weight to "fight the fat", a healthy, balanced diet and a good fitness regime will square you away mucker!

    **Edited, I was typing with one hand while stuffing chips in my fat mouth with the other**
  12. You forgot dont eat yellow snow Marky or are you saving that till winter
  13. I forgot.... :oops: