Walking with Backpack

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Thuggerz, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, I thought i'd go out today and strap on a 20kg rucksack for some reason. I thought it might improve my fitnesss, but guess what happened?
  2. No really I cant?

    You ran into Charlotte Church and Vanessa feltz on ballham common?
  3. All the other traffic wardens laughed at you?
  4. I got robbed while walking with my backpack. One of the guys kicked my backpack and i fell to the floor since i was carrying 20kg, they started punching me and then started stamping on my head...well i guess thats hackney for ya
  5. Next time put bricks in it, then theres nothing worth nicking.

    You could also put one of those signs saying "These bacpack contains 20KG of bricks" a bit like the ones on vans "All tools are removed from this van at night"
  6. Bad luck mate, next time, wear a turban and put a tag on the backpack saying "DO NOT PULL" in big letters, that'll keep people away
  7. I was lucky the bag was so heavy but my head and mobile were not so lucky
  8. Soloution run a bit faster you wretch and sort yourself some anger managment courses, you lack moral fibre try rear party with your drips.
  9. Wasn't that bad ur here talking to us not kept in overnight with concussion.
  10. What were you carrying, gold bars?
  11. Do you think they singled you out for carrying the ruck, or do people usually pick on you 'cause you're a bit of a nobber? Hackneys not somewhere I'd choose to go walking. Next time, try jumping on the tube to Mortlake, and thrash yourself round Richmond Park, you may even get a sympathy shag from one of the blue-rinse, uber-milf dog-walkers.
  12. It was probably the 'Gay Pride' t-shirt that did it!
  13. Hi Tartan_Terrier, my mummy was washing that perticular t-shirt that day
  14. I think next time i go for a walk i will put dog shit in my bag