Walking the Front

Hi folks,

I wonder if any of you folks would be kind enough to share details of a charity walk along the western front with your colleagues and friends, station newsletters, web forums, discussion groups or anyone you know who can asisst.

I, along with a film maker friend, will be walking from Ypres to Albert to recreate the walk of many of our forefathers and specifically my great-grandfather. I'm doing this for three reasons:

1. To raise funds for Veteran's Retreat Charity (www.veteransretreat.org.uk)

2. To produce an educational DVD documentary and associated learning materials to give away to any school or college that would like it, and

3. To rememember my great-grandad and all those he served with in the Great War.

The walk website is at www.walkingthefront.com and it has details of the route, the people and how to help. Any help any reader can offer to circulate the details would be outstanding and very much appreciated. Plans are already under dscussion for both an aviation and a naval themed walk next year (not walking on water !) and the charity aims to provide permanent residences and support to any veteran of any service.

There is a link to our JustGiving page via the website and we have over £1,000 pledged in just the first few days.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
Cheers, Andrew.

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