Walking The Amazon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fraudstar, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Not sure how many people are aware of this but Ed Stafford, an ex-Devon and Dorsets Captain is currently walking the entire length of the Amazon. Two years into it and he has 6 months or so left. An expedition that has been described by no less a man than Sir Ranulph Fiennes as being pretty cheeky.

    An awesome all-round good bloke he needs yours support and help. Please visit his website Walking The Amazon and help in any way you can. Or alternatively just be inspired by him. I particularly enjoy his musings on swallowing his tooth. The Tooth Fairy

  2. the problem with this epic task is just that...its so epic that its hard to appreciate how mad it is. Its hard to sexy up a two and a half year trip, people tend to get bored.

    but an awesome feat which they should be recognized for
  3. True indeed, but I do find his blog and videos pretty amusing and good for motivation/morale.

    Brings more smiles to my face than a lot of things posted on here anymore
  4. An epic journey. Shame he won't be reaching the estuary when the pororoca happens. Someone not far from me wrote a piece of fiction about the natives walking the distance and surfing the pororoca in order to achieve manhood. Still thanks for the link will enjoy following it.
  5. Shameless bump and a debrief to follow

    Walks on the wild side

    An epic journey and an event with some great stories and true heroes.
  6. Bloody Hell, has Jesus arisen from the dead?
  7. a bit petty but it says "soldier" instead of officer.

    I am surprised nobody else had posted that:


    Those that disagree, take a witnessed hike along the Thames.
  9. An amazing feat, but I only have one other word to discribe him................. lunatic!!!

  10. Bit daft walking along a river when you can sail down it in a boat…

    But that's Officers for you.
  11. Just been watching Ed Stafford's documentaries on Now TV. Well worth watching. I particularly like the DS inspired criticism he treats himself to when things aren't going right.
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