Walking Stick identification needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by seaweed, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    This picture (of Sir Benjamin Slade) appeared originally in the D Telegraph on Friday and was duly repeated for slow learners as 'news' in the D Mail on Saturday. I am curious as to Sir B's walking stick. It looks remarkably like a new-fangled and complicated gun that was delivered to my ship shortly before we deployed foreign (to Simonstown, Mauritius, Sydney, Auckland, Japan, Singers, Hongkers, Fiji, Pearl .. it was damned tough in the Cold War but someone had to do it ..) in 1967 AFTER I had laboriously trained up all my chaps on the trusty bolt-action almost sailor-proof No.4 Lee Enfield. The Lee Enfield had served the Navy perfectly well for over fifty years and wasn't broke and didn't need fixing .. this was a damned modern thing .. too fiddly by half ..

    walking stick 001.jpg
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  2. I think it's called "bess"
  3. I don't know but it looks like a world-beating piece of kit. Maybe we should adopt it as a replacement for the plastic thingy?
  4. What's this now, thread number 3?
  5. No, thread 7.62
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  6. Slanty Leg Replacements are all the rage nowadays. However, one is forced to wonder why his belt is undone and he appears to be wearing boots Cav Twat.
  7. Obviously, yer man is an upper class ratter: if the handsome Jackie by his side doesn't get 'em, the Great Gun will soon disassemble Rattus norvegicus into it's constituent parts.
  8. Gucci boots! no rifle sling? obviously one of "them" innit.
  9. Maybe he's forgotten that he's got a rope round his trousers and the cartridge belt for shotgun shells. Mind you at least that stick has wooden furniture, so the Bess might be brown.
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In my regiment he would have qualified for stick man!

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  11. The UK is totally and utterly fcuked!

    I think I may have to change my name to "Wonko the Sane"

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  12. Aw bless him...he's got his shoes on the wrong feet!

  13. So the Police:-

    - have dealt with him for years over firearms licensing,

    - have long since taken away his active firearms,

    - know full well he has a large collection of harmless de-acts,

    - have actually carried out an audit of his de-acts, including all the ones featured in various press photos,

    - know he is in the habit of being photgraphed with one of his de-acts,

    ... and yet they still respond with armed response and a full call-out over some drivelling idiot's complaint about a photo in the national press?

    F*cking pricks.

    Really, get a grip. Why not just get the FEO to give the old boy a call and advise him its perhaps not best idea to pose for photos for the gutter press? Why not act with a modicum of common sense and/or integrity for once?

    Oh, and BTW stop complaining about the cost of administering firearms licensing: you helped create this mess of hysteria, bureaucracy and extra-judicial restrictions and repressions - now its your problem to deal with...
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