Walking Our Green And Pleasant Land - Another Ban??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Northern_Biff, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. As a regular walker on these slopes I cant believe 2 have died in the last week. Its ripe for a ban by HSE, given the litigious nature of our society and the stance of government departments in wishing to control our lives.

    Condolences to the families of those who died

    Climber killed in 1,600ft plunge

    Helvellyn is one of the area's highest peaks
    A man has died after falling 1,600ft (487m) from a ridge on Helvellyn.
    David Burke, 41, from Newcastle, was out walking in a party of five people on the mountain, which is one of the Lake District's highest.

    It is the second death on Helvellyn in less than a week. On Wednesday a 62-year-old man was killed when he was blown off a ridge and fell 1,000ft.

    The latest tragedy happened on Saturday afternoon at Striding Edge ridge, one of the most popular areas with walkers.

    Potential dangers

    The Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team attended the scene and Mr Burke was airlifted to hospital in an RAF helicopter, but was pronounced dead.

    Police said the coroner had been informed.

    Insp Barry Bell from Cumbria Police, who co-ordinated the rescue effort, warned walkers to be aware of the potential dangers of walking in the area.

    He praised the efforts of rescuers, but urged walkers to be "extremely aware" of weather conditions and their own abilities, while planning to venture onto the Lake District fells.

    He added: "You never get used to any instances like this.

    "I understand people enjoy walking, but when you have a devastating consequence when somebody loses their life doing something they enjoy you know it's particularly difficult for people who attend."

  2. I can't see them banning going up onto the hills but it might reopen the argument about people having some form of insurance before they venture out. The HSE people might jump on that idea.
    Personally, people should be responsible for themselves and make sure they have the right kit and clothing and should take account of the weather and conditions - common sense . But, accidents happen....and anybody who has to make use of rescue organisations should always make a donation, I think. Condolences to the family of hose that died.
  3. I live in Snowdonia. The conditions here have been dangerous for most of the last week which has stopped all but the very able and the very stupid from venturing on to the peaks.

    I wont be joining them, however, as I broke a metatarsal on Tuesday.
  4. I hear what you say but how would Insurance made any difference to the two dead walkers (not climbers AFAIK). It wouldn't have.
    I think Inspecter Bell has been to the half-wit college of fcuk wit press/media relations:

    "I understand people enjoy walking, but when you have a devastating consequence when somebody loses their life doing something they enjoy you know it's particularly difficult for people who attend."
  5. Insp. Bell should be happy....2 less nuts to worry about next time weathers bad.This happens every winter why the surprise????
  6. copy catting from Corrie???
  7. Thats the point, it doesnt happen every winter on Striding edge, FFS.
  8. What's "corrie"?
  9. Can you legislate for STUPIDITY?

    And townies who don't have a Bloody clue! (Looks Pretty must be safe)!!
  10. Perhaps people have become that much more stupid. Who would do Helvelyn in this weather for Gods sake.
  11. Darwinism?
  12. I did read somewhere that Mountain Leaders taking people scrambling or climbing were been looked at by the Health & Safety commission on 'working at height regulations'
    they would be in fact, brought into line with say a factory worker working up a ladder!!
    I got a feeling it got put on the back burner - by common sense!!
    but they were thinking it....

    I've met some right Dumpty's both up Helvellyn and other mountains
    you could start a thread on 'Walting mountaineers'
  13. To put things in perspective a tad

    Using this site:-


    It transpires that, in 2002;

    3116 accidents involved "Hill/Fell or Hillside"

    but a <drumroll> staggering

    67,363 involved "Shopping"

    So, rope up and hard hat in those dangerous Malls.
  14. the h and se working regs vs outdoor sports was hard fought by the H&S nazis
    but they lost.
    whats appropriate for factory/building site is not safe or appropriate for climbing :roll:
    took a while for the idiots to realize that and still had to be talked to quite strongly
  15. Er, where does it say that we're going to be banned from walking up hills?

    As far as I can see, you've just got "outraged" about something that is only in your mind.

    What's the matter, did a man in a hi-viz vest and hardhat scare you as a child?