Walking in the Lakes

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bouillabaisse, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Any tips on an easy day's walk in the Lake District? I'm middle aged and unfit and haven't been out on a hill for 15 years, so something relatively easy, good views and preferably with a pub en route.
  2. Catbells near Keswick is easy and safe. Great views for a little effort.

    Grisedale Pike, also near Keswick, is a bit more lofty but is nice and simple. Again with great views.

    Both get quite busy in peak season.
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  3. I love the Lakeland fells, and always found the OS "Pathfinder" guides useful and accurate with graded walks for all abilities. The information is accurate and up to date and there's now a Kindle version.

    Wainwright's books are, of course, inspirational but a lot of the detail is sadly now not correct with many of his routes being eroded and access restricted.

    Don't know if you're going to be anywhere near Coniston, but I devised a walk round Coniston Fells taking in Blind Tarn, but never got to do it as I had to come home due to a family emergency. It was a kind of triangular route starting from car park just out of Coniston (at the foot of the fells - you can drive up there and start off reasonably high up which might be a bonus!)
    If you look on OS map you'll be able to work it out.

    Needless to say a pic of Blind Tarn is required :)
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  4. Use the search, there are previous threads.
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  5. Came back from quite a lengthy walk over the Langdale Pikes involving a large element of geographic embarrassment. The old man got all pointy-headed and stormed off and sat in the car while I went into the Dungeon Ghyll and had a huge plate of chilli with half rice half chips and a pint. Happy days :)
  6. Drive to Keswick and walk round the town and enjoy the pubs.
    Leave the hill walking to the young, fit and adventurous types.
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  7. How far is it from Dungeon ghyl to the old man ;-)

    Black Bull in Coniston has a lovely micro brewery

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  8. 4 pints and a whisky chaser!
  9. I walked there from Wasdale. Great walk and ran the last mile to get to the pub. I found the descent into Langdale the hard part, but if you're doing it more for the view than to get fit like I was, then you can take it easy and look at the view.

    Wasdale has three pubs. 2 at Nether Wasdale and 1 at Wasdale Head. You can walk on the road or the screes but bewarned that it looks like gravel on other side of the lake but it's actually bolders. If you decide that you had too much beer to make it back you could get a taxi. I've seen them, never used it there but I imagine they might be expensive.

    Eskdale also has quite a few pubs. It also has railway, Roman fort and is near to Wasdale. I've only been there to swim and drink beer though.
  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I did try but nothing immediately obvious came up.

    Thannks all for the help. I'll have a look at a couple of those routes on a map and pick one. Sadly the pub crawl is out as Mrs B is insisting we go up at least one hill
  11. Try Penrith: plenty of pubs, a walk up the Beacon gives you views right around, and back down within an hour.
  12. And why not go and soak up the culture in Ambleside whilst your at it? Chav ;)
    The best places in the lakes are the smaller villages and remote pubs with 'flexible' licencing hours.
    Mines a pint of Jennings anything.
    It annoys the hell out of me trying to get from Ambleside to the M6 (and vice-verse) after coming down from the north or west Lakes. Especially when it's jammed solid with rubber-neckers who think the Lake District begins and ends with Windermere!
    Even trying to cut up via Kirkstone Pass often leaves you stuck behind a tourist coach whose drivers has ignored the large 'Not suitable for coaches' signs at the beginning!
  13. Drive up to Ashness Bridge - there's a car park right there. It has a couple of the best views in the Lakes (or the World in my opinion) and there are a few easy walks directly from there.
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