Walking in first time to AFCO

Hello, have looked for answers to this but all seem to be focused on the initial interview with the Officer in the AFCO. I'm just enquiring as to the absolute first time a potential officer walks into the AFCO, what is the general outline/process in terms of information that is given (what should i be bringing, if anything) and how much should i have prepared beforehand going there (for example will i be expected to have narrowed down views of potential regiments and so on)
Not at all, you can walk in as unprepared as you like, but just make sure you don't look a mess as they will still be judging you. The recruiting staff will sit down and have a chat with you about all the available options and will give you an interest form to fill out and return to them.
Until the point where you fill a form in and get the ball rolling, you aren't really anything more than a random person.

Bluntly, if you aspire to lead men, then why not be a bit more assertive and just do it, rather than letting ARRSE hold your hand. Legions of army officers have somehow managed to do this without needing to ask for help on the internet...
What a load of shite.....You open the door and shoutly loudly..."NEW RECRUIT SAAHHHHH!!". March to the nearest desk and tell the fuckwit sat behind it with the open mouth that you have come to join 22nd SAS what ever the fcuk they are!

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