Walking Devon - Help for Heroes Fundraising Spring 2010

Sorry to bring "charidee" to the fore but we won't make a nuisance of ourselves, promise. .Following a frankly gruelling November effort; a couple of hundred quid was raised for a local veterans' project. The final figure for Devon RBL hasn't yet been notified though monies are still coming in. This first foray into fundraising brought many lessons, raised some kit and fitness issues, and also raised the profile of the RBL and the work they carry out. Also; the welcome support and hospitality of RBL members in Devon , and wellwishers, who know who they are (Mysteron, Jim. Helen, Tom, CTC RM) along the 150 mile bash, was fantastic. Often , volunteers work unseen and unpaid to improve the lot of those both serving or ex-service, and their families.

Next up is a similarly ambitious effort for H4H, in Spring 2010.

Can anyone please contribute ideas or knowledge of how to fund raise for H4H, we'll be talking to them. But there 's surely a wealth of experience and ideas on these boards around fundraising and maximising donations.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you All


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