Walking boots?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ARMY_MAD, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello all! Got my Bronze DOE coming up soon and I have to walk 15 miles, most of it cross country, is it worth splashing out on walking boots (cheap ones at that!) or could I get away with going in trainers or could this cause injury/pain/death etc! Thanks in advance

  2. What ground are you expected to cover? Hills, rocky, wet ,muddy etc? What do you class as expensive? Give the forum some details and I'm sure you will get a more useful response.

    I have seen DOE classing cross country as a canal path and others as a yomp across a moor; very different ends of the spectrum!
  3. Altberg

    Try these badgers. No, I am not on commission, and yes Stabby, they fit your feet for you, and no, you cannot shag my sister.

    Snailio xxx
  4. Unsure as yet, I belive we are using the wooded area in Mytchett which backs on to Knogh (sp?) barracks if that is helpful, although I am certain some of the ground will be uneven, expensive for a student like me is £35 considering I have already had to buy sleeping bag, rucksack etc, thanks again

  5. Cheap but decent walking boots from Hi-tech are about your best option. They are dead easy to break in and will last you a few years.

    Millets on most high streets will stock a few different styles.

    You can pay many hundreds of pounds for top range kit, but Hi Tech will suit your purpose.

    Another option is to get along to one of the Sports World outlets if you can find one. They always have Karrrimor boots on sale. I've picked up Goretex Mountain Boots for 20 quid in the past. These retail in the £80-£140 bracket.
  6. I got a pair of Raichle goretex for about £75, and they are excellent, comfy, not over-warm, keep my feet dry and give good support and grip.
  7. Did my DoE Bronze & silver in a pair of DMS boots.
    Trough of Boland. In the dark ages.
  8. I did the Gold expedition last year, and that was pretty tough. Bronze, by comparison, is fairly easy going, especially if you're fit.

    Boot-wise, I would recommend the issue assault boot: it kept me dry for 108km over four days when other people's fancy Berghauses were leaking like sandbags full of water.

    And when your out for one night, a sleeping bag is a bit pointless. Have it for thje kit inspection, then leave it behind on the minibus. A cold night is worth not having to carry a tonne of wet bag around with you.
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    TIT. Any idiot can be cold. Buy yourself a big dry sack and be warm at night.
  10. i done my Bronze D of E last year with the Air Training Corps and i used a good pair of karrimors bought from my local Sports soocer world, only 20 quid, brilliant deal! Keep your feet warm and had an outer water proof layer (wasnt goretex or anything fancy though)
  11. For an expedition lasting less than 36hrs, I can cope with being cold. For anything longer, yes, you are right, being warm is nice, but I personally prefer not to carry loads of stuff around. :D
  12. You can die of exposure in less than an hour even on a summer night. Never leave your dossbag behind unless you absolutely have to. It isn't fly, it isn't smart, it isn't hard - it's just stupid risk-taking that'll cause others unnecessary danger when you go down.

    Boots-wise, A_M, if you're still young your feet won't have finished growing yet. No point in going all out for the gucci kit just yet. A good pair or Assault Boots or Hi-Techs will see you right.

    The one thing you should never compromise on is making sure they fit properly. A well-fititng pair of cheap'n'cheerfuls will do you far better than goretexnubuckindestructablebrandnames that're a touch loose. Even extra socks won't completely make up the difference.

    Hals und beinbruch.
  13. B_Z you are a propper moron. And a wuss. Man up!

    Army mad listen to Cow and SmartAs.

    Instead of spanking cash on a dry bag get heavy duty bin liners (Mum if at home or caretakers/cleaners if in halls). 2 or 3 will keep downpours off your dossbag and they are cheap. You won't be doing river crossings afterall! Take some spare on top of those you will need for your gash anyway. Cheap and cheerful.

    If you decide later you have spare cash it is wisely invested in a dry bag but for now


    Hals- und Beinbruch?! Na, hoffen wir mal nicht!
  14. I got a pair of cheap and nasty hi-techs from e bay that have a cheap version of gore-tex in them.2 years later after trudging round salisbury plain with the dog and a few trips to the pubs they are still going strong and are like slippers , wife has a pair too.They cost me about 20 quid.
  15. Cheers lads, my teacher recomended TK Maxx so I might go and have a look, afterall if they are cheap and fall apart in a years time it wont matter, Thanks again