Walk Warily in Waziristan

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by smartascarrots, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Just found this on BBC.

    Sounds like a good read, has anyone heard of it?
  2. Not heard of it but i agree, it does look worth tracking down.

    Am struggling to find much about it on t'interweb so it might prove tricky.

  3. A bit of a delay in terms of participating in this discussion -- but I came across the BBC review of Stockdale's book in September 2010 after I worked on the publication of an astonishingly similar memoir with a very similar name, "Walks in Waziristan: A Young Officer's Guide to Dealing with Cock-Ups on the Front Line," recently reviewed in ARRSE and on Soldier Magazine's Facebook page.
    The book I worked on was written by Graham F. Reed, a junior officer in the Royal Signal Corps. Reed's account, however, takes place approximately 25 years after Stockdale's, in the years leading up to Indian succession (between 1945 and 1947). Reed died in Canada in 1989 and had asked his daughter to undertake the publishing of his account, who I worked with.
    I'm keen to get a copy of the Stockdale book to compare notes. It's an astonishing coincidence!