Walk in aid of Holidays 4 Heroes. Check the pics out pls

Dear all,

On the 31st of May (Sorry MDN I gave you the wrong date today) I will be taking a walk around Ingleton Falls in the hope I'll raise somefunds for Holidays for Heroes, well, actually I will be going round between 3 and 5 times depending on how I get on.


Although this is not originally the trek I had in my mind, my surgeon made me rethink distance as I have to undergo surgery again later this year.

A condensed version of what has happened to me goes like this, for a year I had been suffering from Abdominal Pain, I kept going back to my GP and he kept fobbing me off saying I had IBS, in November of last year I was rushed into hospital and was diagnosed with a tumour and that I would have to have emergency surgery. As I was being transferred into theatre my Surgery was cancelled as they had now decided I had a cluster of Ulcers owing to having Crohns disease and not a tumour but would still need surgery immediately as I was unable to poo. So I had a reverse loop Stoma in place with the intention of the Surgeon to resect my Bowel later this year.

For those like me who wouldn't know what a reverse loop stoma was if it hit them in the face although they'd never forget it if it did infact hit them in the face I'm posting a few pics for you to rub yourselves over.

Please find a bit of change to donate to Holidays for Heroes



paypal: info @ holidays4heroes.org

HSBC: Holidays4heroes

Sort code: 40-12-09
Acct No: 41416081

Otherwise I will come to your house in the night and rub this nasty boy all over your face.

Cheers everyone.

Enjoy the walk, I did it whilst on R&R back in Feb, it's very scenic indeed (apart from the smell of the farm at the top of the hill!!)

Good effort mate
paratus said:
Enjoy the walk, I did it whilst on R&R back in Feb, it's very scenic indeed (apart from the smell of the farm at the top of the hill!!)

Good effort mate
Cheers, I've done it a fair few times myself, love the money tree, I chose that one in particular because I'm never to far away from the village and there's always people milling about.... obviously not in the Military sense of Milling, but it would be entertaining if they did.
Dear all, I will be starting the walk at 1400 tomorrow, if anyone is in the local area and fancy joining the walk or want to drop off a donation to the collection tin, please feel free to do so. I will be the fat bald bloke in shorts sweating profusely..... and that's before I start the walk. Oh Aye....

doonhamer said:
slightly better looking than susan boyle!!!!
The Stoma or Me?

To everyone who made a donation I'dlike to say a massive thank you, the walk was a success, great weather, lots of nubile young ladies in scanty clothing and people who gave generously and fully support Holidays for Heroes.

Thanks again, you're all Stars..... :salut: :worship:

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