Wales vrs All blacks

paveway_3 said:
I hope Wales pull this off but it will be very hard.At least the game will be a damn sight more thrilling than watching England play.
Not a fecking chance!

The ABs will be wound up over Goughs remarks mate.
15-20 point spread to NZ?
Maybe so , but it will be a very entertaining game, Wales have the front row to turn them over but the backline is looking a little weak compared to the AB's.We can wish.
Wales do have the front row, but the ABs specialise in tackles at the breakdown. That's how they beat teams these days. (Learnt it from England :D ) all oppostion rofwards struggle with that, and that's when the back row come into play. as you say, Wales need to sort out the back row......
And if Carter's on form again, you're fecked both ways......
paveway_3 said:
I hope Wales pull this off but it will be very hard.At least the game will be a damn sight more thrilling than watching England play.
STFU about England and worry about your game on Sat.

We got gubbed 3 weeks back. Funny we didn't feel the need to mention the Welsh. Get back in your box and work on the inferiority complex.

And WHEN you get your hands on the WE trophy, get back out and gob off. Until then.....
Guru I was stating a fact as a rugby fan whoever is playing. You bitter and twisted tw@t.I hope England sort there game out as thet have so much possible talent .Now you shut the feck up or are you going to send your cyber gang around.
For bloody years I have had to put up the slagging of the Welsh rugby team, by English rugby fans.I take it on the chin and give a little back from time to time.Now England are struggling the tables have turned(just a little) and the English(some) get all tw@tish.I am a mad keen rugby fan , i like to see good rugby by any team.I want England to come back to there usual standard ,so that if Wales beat them in the next 6 nations ,it would be an achievment. At the moment you have to agree that Wales and Ireland are looking the best, but that can all change.If your post was a bit of inter 6nations banter The_guru then i apologise. If you actually mean what you say . Poke it. Either way the game will be more attractive on Saturday than any recent England game. What do you think?
I agree that Welsh rugby is looking good at the moment. The thing is, for you to get the flak that you say you have received England did something to justify it, like winning the WC in Australia. It was always going to be hard to maintain that and England are in the dumps at the moment. We aren't a one man team but there is a massive hole at No10 for England and we all know who should be filling it. The English problem is that the players exist, they are just being poorly led by the management. Rob Andrew will turn that around, sarting with Robinson getting the Spanish Fiddler next week.

But I d suggest that you concentrate on NZ. Bad mouthing our problems just makes you look petty.
Ok, I will worry about Wales against theAB's on Saturday.Do you think England played on with the old heads a little too long and now most of them have gone England are going to struggle? Robinson looks like a broken man.He was good player in his dat but coaching the whole England team is a step too far. I honestly do think Rob Andrew should be the man and let Robbo concentrate on the forwards.

The_guru can you hand on heart say you never ever rubbed it in to any Welsh, Scottish and Irish when England were on top and they were all poor? .If you were ever the graceful rugby fan I take my beret off to you.If you did however ,its not much fun being on the incoming side of a ribbing. Hope you stuff the Boks on saturday,we beat the AB's and we can crack on having a pop at the Aussies.Alas i think we are both going to be disappointed.
I only rub it in to the Scottish, specifically one fella when I catch up with him because on that Blue Moon day when they beat us, they really lay it on thick.
Fair enough I suppose, as it is their World Cup final.
Robinson was a superb flanker, and Neil Back always reminded me of him in his play, but he is a beaten man, and needs to go. I am positive he will but Rob Andrew had stated at the start of the Autumn Internationals that he wouldn't change anything during the series and he has acted with great dignity. But it will change.
England kept the Old Guard on too long and should have evolved the team earlier. But there is I believe a problem with leadership in the backs and Hodgson is not an International Stand Off. His kicking is not up to standard at the highest level. Reminds me of this fella....
GUTTED!!! The AB's knew how to punish our mistakes, pure class side. Can't wait for the nations games to start next yr, Wales will be back on top!
GUTTED!!! The AB's knew how to punish our mistakes, pure class side. Can't wait for the nations games to start next yr, Wales will be back on top!
Guess this just about sums it up:

"The squad has realised there is another degree of intensity and physicality that we have to develop"

Wales coach Gareth Jenkins
I don't honestly think that I have ever seen a Rugby team with the power, speed and skill as this current AB side. Add to that the fact that the second best team in the world is the AB second fifteen, they seem an absolute shoe in for the WC. But they are renowned for peaking at the wrong time. At the moment though I can't see any team coming close.
I was at Wales v Canada the week before and despite the good win it was obvious that our defence would not stand up to to the All Blacks - and it didn't.

Thought Wales should have got one more try. I reckon NZ will walk away with the World Cup next year, don't think even South Africa and definitely not Australia could stand up to them at this point. The majority of their players seem able to play out of position well - with their lock making that 60 yard kick to touch.

I reckon the Six Nations is going to be a close contest in 2007
Apart from their all-round skills (esp. in the contact area) it is the ABs sheer speed, aggression and "physicality" that is awesome. You only have to look at their build and (compared to any other team) they are, man for man, better built for the job. Testament to the hours put in on the training field and gym.

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