Wales v Fiji

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_guru, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. What an incredible game of Rugby.

    An absolutely superb game that ebbed and flowed.

    Oh, and see you Taffs later :D
  2. Goes round, comes round!
  3. ahahahahahahahaha. This is even better than the Western Samoa defeat.

    On the other hand, Fiji played out of their bloody skin for the first 40. What an amazing game...
  4. Don't get me started!!! Fair play to both teams. I can't believe the useless English fuckwits have got further than we have!
  5. come on england!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Men of Harlech take an early bath...
  7. Fantastic game, shame there had to be a loser. Delasau is awesome.
  8. Are there any Fijians in the QDG/RRW....
    they'll be dancing in the streets of Suva tonight etc
  9. I can hold my head high, we played some great rugby. Better than any of the English have so far this tournament. You'll be out next match anyhow ;)

    Been a good tour so far, will only get better.
  10. Can't believe the English will now slag off the Welsh for playing a fast, exciting game of rugby. Unlike the English who looked like a bunch of scared rabbits against S Africa.
    What a great game to watch if you were neutral, excruciatingly gut-wrenching if you weren't. Rugby as it should be played and I guess the English will be going home after the Australian game, anyway.
  11. Edge of the seat stuff. As exciting as Englands game yesterday.

    Unlucky Wales. A good fight.
  12. I don't see anyone slagging anyone off. Except you exbleep. Wales played brilliantly when they got it together. Flowing rugby. Don't think anybody would of slagged off the team but as you've lowered the tone already..............................
  13. Concur. Probably can't see the screen from the tears?

    Jog on, Blodwin.
  14. Out next match? We'll see... Australia will need to learn how to scrummage in the next 7 days. Lets see how much of a smart arse Georgie Gregan is when he's put on the back foot. They've played poor sides and have not been tested...

    Wales played to Fiji's strength and allowed too much broken play. England kept things tight, slowed ball down in defensive rucks, and kicked intelligently. Wales gave the ball to Fiji and allowed them to run at them.
  15. wales were unlucky and would have won if there place kicking wasnt as erratic Hook's penalty and Jones hitting the woodwork 3 times