Heard the England team selection on Radio 5 yesterday. A few points:

Mark Cueto at fullback - WTF?
Joe Worsley and Martin Corry and Nick Easter in the starting XV - WTF?

Other than that it seems like a pretty reasonable team on a good day, but we're not going to win the world cup with it.
Easter and Corry in the back row is good, personally I wouldn't have chosen Worsley.

The front row is sorted with Sheridan back, and the second row looks strong with Simon Shaw back in the fold.

Best pick for me has to be Dan Hipkiss at Outside Centre, its about time! Im a bit dubious about Farrell though, he still doesn't convince me.

3rd choice 9 & 10?
New cap and past use by date at Lock?

Wales biggest problem for years has been line out possession, scrum basics and recycling/turnover ball.
So we get a team that lacks both the pack skills backed up by a 3rd rate 9 & 10??
I was all for Jenkins being Coach but now I'm not so sure.
With so little time left before the RWC I'm not convinced this is the way to go.

Seeing as Cooper and Sweeney should have a good bond/understanding playing for the Dragons I'm hoping that part goes well.
But what happens in the pack is anyones guess.

Regardless, I'll still be screaming the boys on and fighting anything that slags us that's not wearing Red!
The England pack is a bit of overkill for its purposes!

But if it can fire, it'll work for the World Cup!
Sky Sports 1 I think, so Im popping to the Walkabout to watch it with some Aussie beer!

Our (England) back row lacks serious pace, and a 'scrapper' like type who will contest the ball on the ground. I believe Borthwick is too lightweight. I like Shaw, and think he is one of the best locks in the GP. I would I've liked to of seen Grewcock selected :x I don't see how Wales can win to be honest. My prediction would be 23-12 to England!
Bit of a shoeing, will be a much sterner test against the Frogs.

Always nice to gub the druids though.....
Welsh - anagram for wasted ecocentric ladyboy shite holsters
Hate to say it as a welshman but we were shocking and even with our first choice team out Wales would stoill have been stuffed. Oh well what can I say,at least we beat England in the 6N.However well done England forwards. Jenkins has to go!!!!!!!
Apologies to all England fans on behalf of my nation. We were very un-sportsman like, and we did not even bother turning up to play. It's a disgrace and I am utterly ashamed. :evil:
So, you arn't apologising for the clothesline tackles then?

Vile cunts, it looked like something out of WWF.

Well done England!
bollacks Wales got caught its not as if England dont play in a bit of skullduggery either. Still well donr England. still a bunch of tosseers though

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