Wales v Engerrrrland, Engerrrrland v Wales

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67er, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. I've got tickets to both matches (because I'm a flash twat)

    Engerrrrland v Wales - Twickers, Sat 06/08/11

    Wales v Engerrrrland - Cardiff, Sat 13/08/11

    Anyone else going to watch Wales win?
  2. Nope. Cos its not going to happen.
  3. A man can dream, though!
  4. I'll be in the pub both days watching Wales get the drubbing they rightly deserve :)
  5. In or around Twickers?
  6. Will be sat in the Prince of Wales, probably drowning my sorrows and then heading over to chippy lane!

  7. NOBODY is going to watch Wales win....Daft cunt (Sorry wrong thread for that last bit, came over all unnecessary)

    Now the cuntin puta it telling me my message to too short!.................................. No just me being a stupid cunt!
  8. In Twickers probably, nursing the hangover from Hell after being at the GBBF the day before :)
  9. I have a mates wedding the day before, so I'll be hanging. Will give you a shout when I know what's gwanning on
  10. At the Admiral, as discussed?
  11. Nice one ^^ SG, that'll be the one
  12. Inbred retards V Rude Chavs
  13. Hang on a mo. Us Welsh aren't rude or chavs.
    Ya cunt!
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  14. Fail the test?
  15. I hope Wales wins cos I'm Scottish