Wales v Brazil at White Hart Lane

I reckon Tosh will have them playing frustrating football, in rather the same vein that Andorra attempted against England. The only difference being that Wales are normally quite confident going forward so I reckon they'll be tempted to push for a goal, and give Brazil more chances to break. I reckon they're lambs to the slaughter, but are bold enough to get on the scoresheet. 1-4.
What a first half. Its 0-0, with Brazil having a goal disallowed for offside, but to be fair to Wales despite the possession being 65/35 ish they are doing a storming job and are by no means playing containment football.

Two 17 yr old wing backs are doing the business and have made Ronaldinho et al look silly once or twice.

C'mon Wales :-D
look i am welsh and i could not give a sh1t what the score is coz kissball is sh1t. and as a true welahman i love my RUGBY
look kissball is arse, there are 22 fairys dancing on the pitch pretending to trip over chalk line and when by the grace of the Gods they do manage to get the ball (approx 8inch in diamiter) in the goal (approx 11foot by 8) they all what to shag each other up the rusty bullet hole, go figure!!!
now if you were to start talking about rugby i would happly talk about the merits of wales and other countrys
Yes nice one ''welshwizard'' . I am a proud welshman i will support
Wales in every sport . Well done for last night , Giggs was a class act.
I'm also a rugby player and fan , i think the Welsh rugby team at the
moment is full of prima donnas anyway .

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