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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by SCoy, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. I've noticed that the Wales UOTC webpage is getting a bit musty, to say the least. In fact only one the companies has anything on it, and those are over four years old.

    My point is that I have loads of photos of my companies activities, and I know others do too. I'd like to post them on the pages, but i can't get hold of the webmaster, because his email is a uni one, so he might have left. He was from Bangor company, if you can help me to either get in contact with him or whoever is running the website now, i'd be very much obliged. Not only does this act as a recruiting tool, there's some great photos on there

    Many thanks
  2. The PSI at Cardiff mentioned something about this at the begining of the year, I think he wanted a new webmaster but no one was keen enough to do it. Try getting in contact with him.
  3. Cool, will do, but my html's a bit rusty, and I'd need the original code as well, unless I make a whole new page. Still, we can put out an appeal for photos.
  4. I'm sure that there are loads of photo's from the ski trip and various rugby matches that could be put up on there, it might even encourage a little bit of intercompany communication.
  5. Not to mention some that would be illegal in most US states :lol:
  6. How exactly are you getting round the banning of sites not hosted on - have they just not noticed you?
  7. Er, no idea it is linked from the Army site as far as I'm aware via the UOTC bit.
  8. Indeed you can access the current WUOTC website through the main Army website.

    I know someone at Exeter UOTC, and as well as their own unofficial website they also have a dedicated photo gallery website here. It would seem though, that at present they don't have any photos from any of their recent sports fixtures, I wonder why? :wink:

    Perhaps that is something that could be included in a plan to update the current website? As you say there must be hundreds if not thousands of photos from the things that have taken place within the unit as a whole and also the individual companies.
  9. Would be good to get a place for all the photos. Would be fairly expensive to run if it were used lots.
  10. Well, maybe, but I'm sure we can sort out a paysheet for it. :D Wait...if i end up doing this, does this count as OTC work, and therefore do I get paid? 24 hours, 7 days a week.... :lol:

    On a more serious note, if funding is a problem, then maybe we could ask the companies for a small donation or something. It's in their interest, as not only would it allow for photo sharing, details of weekends etc could be posted, therefore allowing for any changes time to filter through, rather than through the usually slower word of mouth.

    on that note, does anyone have major html experience? I'm quite happy to do the day-to-day stuff, write articles etc, but if for example the Bangor PSI comes could on his plan to start with more videos, we need someone who knows about streaming.

    I've got a few mates who can do sparkly stuff, but I don't know if they'll be avaliable all the time.

    I don't suppose anyone's got the Cardiff PSI's email addy they could PM me? I'll ask him and then sort it out :D
  11. There should be a contact number for someone in Cardiff on the WUOTC website IIRC, they should be able to give the email for the person you're looking for.
  12. Cheers, I'll have a butchers:D
  13. if it's just sharing photos you're after you could use a gmail account. 2gb storage per account and all free. Just need to distribute the username and password to all who need it.

    I've got a few invites still, pm if you need one.
  14. Scoy- check your PMs