Wales 'safer' than England

Wales is a safer place to live than England, according to new crime figures released by the Home Office.

Not for sheep it isn't.

Question: Why have the Welsh started wearing kilts?

Answer: Sheep can hear a zip.
Gas Gas Gas said:
Wales is a safer place to live than England.
but its still arrse.
I firmly believe that the best thing to come out of Wales is

the M4
Its not all bad...... I moved from Scotland to Wales and halved the chances of having a heart attack!! :lol:


Safer in Wales? Obviously not been to the Ninian on a Saturday night after Cardiff had lost. Or the Owain Glyndwr on rugby day in the centre! You can cut the violent tension with a knife in Queens St on a weekend!

I used to stay in during the 6 Nations in fear of being burnt as a witch!

But then again a night on the pi$$ in Cardiff can rarely be bettered!
Sorry? Wales and the 6 Nations? Is there are connection there? :?

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