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The Wales OTC thread has been culled due to popular demand. After doing this, and while drunk with power I decided to have a look at the damage inflicted to some of the posters

Name / Previous post count / Current post count

Mrs_Beaton / 98 / 44
Hattie_Jacques / 34 / 29
Scrotty / 17 / 10
Muppet / 50 / 21
Pillager / 76 / 55
Junius / 20 / 4

Once again, the floor is open.
U-Q, your adrenaline must be hurtling round your body. It's been a long time since you had this much opportunity to demonstrate your modding prowess. Remember, you need us as much as we need you! Without us, you're nothing!
Evening all!

Reading through Soldier Magazine last night, I noticed in the honours section a certain ex wales army clubber has been awarded an MiD as a subbie with the RWF.

I'm sure all of Wales OTC -current and former- would wish the former Swansea CSM (?) all the very best and hope he contiues to do his job with distinction. Come on the Wales!

There we go, serious enough for you?

Our Aber Scouse man is gone! They stole him back so he can no less find pennies and bus fare in Iraq. How are we going to cope without the callings of "calm down" and "stop yer flappin" eminating from the PSI's desk.

Dark times ahead.
If the Razzmeister is the new Aber PSI, someone had better teach us some drill, and how to run a parade properly! If we're not careful, they'll find out that all these years we've just been making it up as we go along!
Could you perhaps finally share with us what our glorious leader, the OC does in Brecon of a weekend?

The suspense has been quite literally killing me.
One theory on the scouse mans departure

"recalled to 29 Cdo" is obviously code for "got tickets for Istanbul"

Mix european success with his behaviour and I think we can guess whats happened to him...

Shall we have a whip around for him, bail charges must be quite high in Turkey.


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yossarian said:
Who is Wales?
One of the New OCdts at RMAS - try and pay attention to current affairs :roll:
#13 click on photo galleries 2005 then jools holland

find a great pic of our victorian 2nd lt, i double dare one of the leaving advance to send it around to aber coy via email
If I may be so bold as to suggest that he looks a little stoned - I think we should ensure he is put in for a CDT to ensure he can retain his seniority.

Yours in purple hazed concern,

just out of interest - would wackojacko be the famed jacko from cardiff or swansea (can't remember which one - you're all the same to me)? jacko of special forces history or some bollox like that?

i think pillager will be able to enlighten us some more
Would that be Jacko;

"Hi ladies, Im in 4Para!" Jacko :wink:
the same Jacko that said
"Ill down it just give me time,dont sing, I cant down drinks if people are singing" :(
and when a dick-drink was made infront of his eyes (not even under the table) said
Oh no thats rank I cant drink that I dont know whats in it Fur-cough :x
Of course it might be a completely different Jacko! Clearly "4para" Jacko wouldnt have backed down from some friendly inter OTC drinking banter! :twisted:

Pillager doesnt kow Jacko that well, he made all the above quotes up, they never happened and I hope they dont harm his, as yet unsullied, reputation!


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