Wales has ceased to exist.... DII survey says so.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Bridger, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The nation that gave you Shirley Bassey, Pot Noodle mines and the Regimental Mascot has ceased to exist. Tis sad but true.

    Those of you who have been tortured by the ongoing DII survey by Atlas will no doubt be shocked and stunned to know that your DII system may reside in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany or Other. Wales is not an option.

    May Wales rest in peace.

    Dear survey team - i'm disappointed on how large the text box was for "what I thought I thought the single best aspect of the system" was.The 1000 character limit could be reduced by some 999 chars.

    Secondly i'm disappointed on the 1000 character limit on my thoughts on "what the single worst aspect of the system was." Could I ask that this is expanded by say.... 800000 chars? and perhaps more than one aspect of its failings?

    Edited for mong spelling
  2. Please tell me that includes Sennybridge?
  3. Oh! no 'smartascarrots', not as long as you are there - in a trench hopefully.

    If you can't hack Sennybridge, then leave the Army!

    OK - we have ceased to exist. No more paying tax to the 'psycho' Brown?

    What is: 'DII' anyway?
  4. There is but hope :)

    That cattlegrid at the top of Chruch Hill must surely be a teleporter to the land that time forgot!
  5. Yes, but does it work as you're coming in or going out?
  6. Thank fcuck for that, another sh1thole full of inbreds got rid of.
  7. I agree, all we need now is Liverpool to go the same way and this countrys saved.
  8. If Carlsberg made dreams come true.............
  9. My plan for that is a Nuclear bomb test site. :p
  10. ...and there was me thinking it was a random link generator - silly me!