Walcheren to Waterloo

Walcheren to Waterloo


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Walcheren to Waterloo - The British Army in the Low Countries during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815

This book is a Pen & Sword publication, giving a detailed account of the British Army’s campaigns in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Much talk is heard of the success of Waterloo, and how The Duke of Wellington had learned a lot from previous campaigns, enabling him to win a ‘close run thing’. This book concentrates on his fellow senior officers’ inability to learn from mistakes, successes and failures, resulted in many lives lost unnecessarily and surrenders which need not...
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A fair review, we were fighting across Europe for hundreds of years until we sorted Napoleon in 1815, after that it was 99 years of relative peace for us in Europe anyway.
I have just finished "Pitt in the great War" I was surprised but looking for a kindle filler and it has wetted my appetite for more of that period (BTW the great war seems to be applied to most long wars until 19139 happened)

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