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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mikepara, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Forgetting the 'banter' and inter unit rivalry for a moment. I have done both and as wellyhead said it's all down to what you expect out of Army life.

    The Parachute Regiment depending on whether your a crap hat or not are the cream of the infantry without question. However they are just Parachuting infantry, once on the ground it's only as good as any other superbly motivated and extremely fit infantry unit. Rightly it has few peers. However digging trenches, tabbing to contact, frontal assaults, section attacks, fibua, contacts with the enemy, Ambushes and attacks etc, etc, get pretty boring quite quickly, especially as you get older.

    Whether you choose PARA or PARA RHA, unfortunately you will no longer be doing much Parachuting what with the present shortage of time and aircraft.

    7 PARA RHA are just a Parachuting Light Artillery Regiment, Saying that they are extremely fit and highly motivated and are the cream of the Artillery. Only 29 CDO Regiment come close. There is a bigger scope of different jobs in your Artillery Regiment than infantry. However you can stay in your chosen roll if you want throughout your career. Saying that the unit as a Regiment or split into Batteries Which is in reality the Unit you belong to, mainly do close support to the (usually PARA) Infantry unit. Your comrades are likely to be brainier than your average infantry Tom.

    The Parachute Regiment wrongly think they are the real Paras and every other unit whether Parachute trained or not are just Hats. However historically the support units that are Para trained, REME, Engineers, Signals, Artillery, etc all share the same Airborne birthday The order by Churchill for Airborne Troops. We are all emperors.
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  3. daywalker

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    What he said.
  4. You're Mick E*******, ex RRF and Arty and I claim my £5.
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  7. Relax, if you need any clarification on PARA / COMMANDO courses then PM Cuddles as he has done them both - apparently. I wish he'd let PCAU know he attended the jumps course though as they don't have a record of him being there.
  8. The OP certainly needs a pickaxe through the frontal lobe.

    "Paras call me names and I don't like it" Fucking minge.
  9. is that not the point of paras to rip the piss out of everyone else?
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  10. If the OP is indeed who I think it is, he's a proper sound bloke and was a very professional soldier. Alas, it seems he now drinks diesel.
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    Can you tell me were this fucking monstrosity fits into the Airborne Brotherhood?

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  14. Mortar baseplate?
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  15. Ravers

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    First reply and you spoiled all the fun. Booooooooo.

    You've changed.