Wake up you cunts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LEFTY478, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. What exactly are we meant to be seeing?
  2. Cabin crew face axe for foul screen jibe | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

    BLUNDERING air crew are facing the sack after sending an abusive message to passengers' TV screens.
    Travellers were stunned when the foul-mouthed phrase flashed up during the flight to Glasgow.
    It's thought the message - which read 'Get up, you cunts' - was meant for two stewards having a nap in empty seats.
    But the rude jibe was accidentally broadcast to ALL premium economy passengers on the Virgin service from Orlando, Florida.
    An insider said: "They complained the whole way home and some are seeking refunds and compensation."
    It's thought the flight manager told the two crew members to rest in the empty seats because the staff area wasn't properly equipped.
    Colleagues who tried to wake them thought they were transmitting a private message to their screens.
    The insider added: "Something went wrong and the message was sent to the whole cabin. It looks like the two crew members will be sacked, as well as the flight manager."
    A Virgin Atlantic spokesman said they were investigating last Sunday's incident.
    He added: "We take these matters extremely seriously and will take appropriate action as necessary."

    Read more: Cabin crew face axe for foul screen jibe | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The man responsible for the incident said: "It was a complete mistake, I thought I was still working for Ryanair."
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  4. Was he offering "blowjobs" by any chance?
  5. :) From the Ryan Air Staff Handbook:

    1. Get on you cunts
    2. Sit down you cunts
    3. STFU you cunts
    4. Get up you cunts
    5. Get off you cunts
  6. You forgot the Ryanair safety briefing: "We crash - you die. Cunts"
  7. There was a load of funnies from I think southwestern airlines one I remember. 'The smoking area is on the wing, if you can light them, you can smoke them'
  8. "ALL premium economy passengers"
    I bet they say worse things to they're snotty grubby kids.
  9. Passengers are seeking refunds and compensation? The thin-skinned, overly sensitive cunts. An apology from the pilot and a free drink on the house should have been adequate.
    I hope they all get cunt cancer.
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  10. Why does Scotland need it's own edition of that comic?
  11. Something to do with EU regs and the size of paper needed to wrap a fish supper and a crate of bucky.
  12. I presume its free and paid for by us.
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  13. I was thinking just the same thing! Are they suggesting that the appearance of the word 'cunt' upset them so much that they had to abandon their holiday and immediately return home or something?
  14. It's so that the English edition can whinge freely about 'sweaty socks' getting free prescriptions, free education, Andy Murray hating them, Alex Salmond being the anti-christ etc etc, while the Scottish edition can bleat endlessly about Tory bastards, Rangers and Celtic and how England's stolen all our oil, without pissing off their fuckwitted core support either side of the border...
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