Wake up, Europe, youve a war on your hands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Steyn is amusing, but predictable and (now and then) wrong.

    The septic right might enjoy France's woes, but schadenfreude isn't best indulged by those with equally outrageous fallibilities.

  2. An interesting article - one that those Journalists in Britain or Europe would be too scared to write, in case they were seen as racist......

    Face it guys - this is the state of things to come - and it's only going to get worse.

  3. :? :? Agreed BD, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Civil disobedience at this scale normally means that other similar demonstrations are in the pipeline.

    I think that we all would be shocked if those pictures were London.

    Nasty :cry:
  4. Well said B_D, shame the left wing softies can't wake up and see that their vision of utopia is crumbling as we speak. However, if it does kick off we (WASPs) will be given the blame for this as always :evil:
  5. An interesting article.
    he fails to mention a few things
    1) the rioters are not all muslim (approx 50% are )
    2) the Rioters bear more allegiance to their quatier (gang) than to some politico-religious creed
    3)Thier main demand is to be left alone by the police so they can continue thier low level drug trading and inter gang violence.
    4)The notion that the gangs are being controlled by Islamic overlords has been deemed 'ridiculous' by social workers and senior police officers.
    5)There is inter gang violence so the rioters are not presenting a united front.
    6)Most of the rioters are aged between 17-22 and are involved in semi permenant gang violence and drug dealing.

    To compare these riots with a Moorish invasion is absurd and for me highlights the smug gloating right wing propaganda that spews from the USA. In the article the author tries to imply the French are getting thier just desserts for not joining in the US led war ,as if the dissafected Muslim youths are taking advantage of a weak government.
  6. Presumably that was the point of his posting under his own user ID?
  7. Does the poster think we are all 'Wasps' ?
  8. I think this is one of those 'if the cap fits' scenarios Logical......... if you're not a WASP - then count yourself out of dui-lai's comments!

  9. Well as he posted "we (WASPs)" it would seem evident that he counts himself as one and means that anyone else who groups themself as a WASP will also be blamed.

    If you do not fit into this grouping then it wasn't directed at you.

    Funny how the mention of almost any type of race/sexual/religious/whatever group seems to call for insults from some.
    Why is that I wonder?
  10. Lets look at the evidence :

    Hans Blix debunks the call for war, he is rediculed by the Americans.
    The UN backs his call for more inspections, they are rediculed, and accused of taking back handers.
    Germany also refuses to help with the war, they are rediculed.

    America bombs "strategic" sites in Iraq, then when the "mission is accomplished" they allow bidding for the rebuilding of these sites ( desalination, power, water, oh and oil) Funnily enough, dispite having the countries best interests at heart, they only allow american companies to bid, and they pick the highest bidder, Halliburton for most of the contracts. During the second bout of bids, only countries that participated in the war were allowed to bid. If you ask me this whole war is bollocks, and has nothing to do with terrorism. At least terrorists are honest and admit when they have killed innocent people.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I won't even bother to start refuting this nonsense - it is lies, pure and simple. If you can't be bothered to find out the facts, don't bother posting.
  12. "At least terrorists are honest and admit when they have killed innocent people."

    What planet do you come from Ivan?
  13. For crying out loud. I posted over the weekend and refered to 'we Britons' (or something similar, anyway) how strange that none of the Yanks got on to complain...

    D_L's post refers to his own ethnic and cultural social grouping, that's why he is refering to himself and it using the first person plural. Stop me , please, if I'm using words of too many silly-bubs. :roll: