Wake up and realise Mr Blair!!

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My understanding was that they wanted to save £7m by not fitting filters.  Short sighted bean counting at its best.


Correct, then underestimate the spares consumption/shipping costs by £33M and you have the minor accounting error! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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What amazes me is buffHoons response that the exercise was valuable in showing shortfalls in our equipment.   If the idiot had listened in the first place, he could have saved that cash and used it to improve the very thing that failed.


National audit office is to applauded for telling it like it is, perhaps now they will listen.

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What? Them listen? That would be a first for this bunch of self-righteous wa-kers. Not only did everyone know that without the right mods on the equipment in an attempt to save money, they were going to spend more on repairs and parts in the long run, but if the lads on the ground wanted decent desert boots or a ‘Camel-bak’ to stop de-hydration they had to go out and buy them themselves, saving the government quite a packet.

Even when they do spend some money (all in an attempt to turn round negative PR rather than actually help the army do it’s job) the rifles don’t work again…  and they blame it on the troops using the weapons. Half an hour before they were singing the Marines praises as elite heroes. Anyone out there believe that elite troops can’t clean a weapon properly?

Don’t listen and much too quick to shift the blame onto someone else. I would just love to see someone in this govt. with an inch of backbone.


Why can't we just send those twats out there for 6 months with the same sh1te they give our lot and see how they cope then. I guarantee that within a week they'd be living it up in air con cabins with the best kit money can buy. W@nkers. Sign me up.


I never typed thingys!!! T.W.A.T. Can't we turn this censor thing off. I'm foul mouthed by nature due to lack of sufficient education and it's really limiting my vocabulary.


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A quick straw poll from the top...

Who wants to fight the Arabs...

I mean really?  And WHY a war?